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Get your all questions answered for Online Trademark Registration

Do you have a million-dollar idea or start your own business?

Let’s say you want to come up with a great brand name for a new product or e-commerce business or food brand you’re launching.

For your hypothetical food product name is McDonald’s, you use it and you will receive a letter from a McDonald company’s lawyers to stop using their trademarked brand name.

A logo or the business name is what acts as an identity for a business to represent itself as a brand, but what if you actualize the brand name for which you have worked so hard is already registered with some other company.

Well, this is where the first action for business is registering the trademark for the company falls in!

Let’s understand it with a simple example, Coca-cola, and Pepsi, the two big names of the beverage industry, are distinctly identified from their trademarked logos and brand colors that symbolize the quality and the origin of goods that the brand provides to its customers.

But do these trademarks work only for these big brands? Not really! 

Let’s find out who can apply for a trademark?

Any individual, company, or legal entity who can claim himself to be the owner of a trademark can apply for it. 

The trademark registration process or formalities take 18 to 24 months, but once you fill the application form, you can use the “TM” symbol until the registration certificate is issued. This registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of registration. 

Now when we are clear about the need for a business trademark and its eligibility, let’s get into the trademark registration process by understanding what it means and various factors that come with the trademark process.  

What is Trademark registration?

Trademark simply means a brand or a logo representing a business; it can be a word, letter, number, symbol, logo, or name that is used to identify a good or service. 

Registering a trademark gives you all the rights associated with its logo or brand name, and no one can use it to sell their products without your permission. 

The main motto of Trademark registration is it protects the businesses from illegal competition and fear of imitation in the growing market. 

There are various type of trademarks that can be registered such as;

Words: Trademarking words means, registration of a single name or a couple of words. It could also be a combination of words or a couple of words that represent a business.


  • IBM
  • NBC

Logos: Logos are the most common approach to business trademarks, which can be described as the design used as a mark for a specific company or a product.


Pictures or drawings: The company can register the exclusive design or a 3D image as a trademark to represent the unique identity of a brand


Slogans: Some companies use advertising slogans as their trademark that drives them different from the niche.


Sound: Any music, sound, jingle created by a brand or a product can be protected with a company trademark to avoid any infringement.

Harley Davidson

Interesting..! Isn’t it?

Still wondering!! Why you should register a trademark for your business in India?

  • It will protect your business from any illegal competition
  • Trademarks contribute to the goodwill generated by the business
  • They are a form of asset to the business which can be sold, assigned or licensed
  • Acts as a brand identity on a larger scale
  • Stimulates purchase
  • Serves as a badge of affiliation and loyalty 

You are just one step away for your online trademark registration!

Let we set-up free-call with our legal experts

The trademark registration process is indeed a daunting task; this is what the experts are meant for, easing what’s complicated.

Why are we the best trademark registration company for you?

We are registered lawyers having more than 10 years of experience appear for hearing in appropriate authority for GED clients, delivered more than thousand of trademark registrations with over 90% success ratio in the application process.

We not only provide you to consult your brand name but our trademark registration services include:

  1. Conducting Search on TM Registry’s website to check for any prior-filed identical/ deceptively similar mark in relevant Class.
  2. We Affidavit for trademark –  It is a document as a deponent in the affidavit states that the date claimed and the facts disclosed with respect to the application and use of the brand name are correct.
  3. We have qualified registered advocates who make all the efforts smooth, prepare your application, and file your application.
  4. We provide pre-application guidance, including search/opinion.
  5. We provide application filling receipts to the client on the same day when they provide complete documents. We even share the detailed status of the application, as reflected on the trademark registry’s website.
  6. We prepare and file a response to the examination report. Obtaining Downloading the report and providing you the up to date status. You can start writing (TM) next to the mark from the very same day of providing all relevant Documents & Government Fee.
  7. Attending to show cause notice hearings locally in Ahmedabad and via VC before another registry
  8. Obtaining and providing a copy of TM journal publication, upon acceptance of the mark
  9. Obtaining a trademark registration certificate upon registration of a trademark
  10. Following up with the trademark registry, in case of delay in any of the above proceedings

Our legal services are all about keeping you away from all the legal escalations of your business or brand or name or trademark.