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Planning your Wedding, and Nowhere Near Getting the tasks Done? Here’s How Prioritisation Can Help?

I remember an instance from a recent wedding, when the bride’s father came and told me, how difficult it was to get everything done on time. He was on a rant about the soaring costs, the planning delays, the whole mess that happens in ensuring everything gets done satisfactorily. He ended it by saying, this will go on even after the wedding is dealt with.

The whole rant of a father, let me tell you a tense and anxious father, set me thinking about, how can the father get some peace, and enjoy the last few moments of his daughter’s singlehood? Is there no way the wedding planning can be smooth?

I picked out one of the most prominent rules from my book “Get it Delivered”, which I had recently authored, and decided to see how applicable it will be outside software delivery. Bingo! It worked. Let me explain.

One of my favorite rules in the book is the “Divide the project plan into parts”, which I realized can be used in any aspect of life.

Prioritization, that’s what needs to be done, if you want to get things done in time. So, here’s how the wedding planning can be broken into parts, and the whole process be executed, without giving heart burns and tough nights to the bride’s father.

Make a list

We tend to start with the tasks directly but, an effective planning is a result of a good list in hand. Sit with your entire family, and start brainstorming on all the tasks that need to be attained in the limited time. This way, you would be sure not to miss out on any of the important tasks.
The list should be handy; you can invest in a planner, which will allow you to help with planning every single task, right from choosing the fabric for the gown to the accessories and flower arrangement.

Prioritize the tasks

Once the list is ready, make sure you prioritize each one of the tasks written down by you. Urgent, Not so urgent, can be done in the next month etc. are some of the choicest labels used for prioritization.

For instance, booking a venue would be part of the list, and the earlier you book the venue, the better it is for your pockets. This would be one of the urgent tasks in your case. Similarly, booking the makeup for your wedding would also be urgent, but you can assign that task for a later date. This prioritization will help you break down the tasks into a definitive timeline.

Break down your tasks

Every task has a subtask. Let’s take booking the venue into consideration:

  • You will need to research on the venues that are good and fit your budget and requirements.
  • Next, you will need to get references and reviews from people.
  • Third, you will need to go on a venue recce and check out the amenities they will provide.
  • Fourth, you will need to see what other investments you will need to make for the venue booking.
  • Finally, you will need to make the downpayment for booking the venue.
  • Once it is booked, always confirm the date and time.
  • A week before the wedding, make sure all the arrangements are in place for the wedding ceremonies.

This breakdown with the timeline for each will help you get the planning and execution done in time. You will be ready for the D-day in advance.

The subtasks help you identify what all you need to look for when booking the venue, and this will make sure you don’t miss out on any aspect.

Note down the appointments

Make sure you have all the appointments written down, either on a calendar in the wall or on your smartphone. The reminders for the appointments should be set in your phones, so that you don’t miss out on a single appointment.

So, when you need to go and meet the flower arrangement provider to discuss the possibilities, budget and other things, you would be on time, thus saving time. Missing out on appointments means that you will need to plan that for another day, which singularly points towards delay in execution.

Spend only few minutes a day

When we say planning, we don’t mean you invest a lot of time in it. All we are asking is around 30 minutes to an hour of your time. What will happen in this period? You will be able to plan the tasks for the day, and also what part of the day you will be executing the tasks. This way you won’t need to take time off your work, and will be able to manage all the tasks in the said timeline.

Summing up

It is as easy as it seems, if you actually put everything written here into practice. You need to work dedicatedly on the list and the planning for at least half hour a day to ensure smooth execution and excellent results.

Prioritization is something that we all are aware of but, no one truly knows how to use it. We have demonstrated how prioritization and task break down can help you manage something like a wedding planning effectively.

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