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Vaccine and Dating App- The new couple in town

Love, flings, relationships, and dating have been rolled forward into every generation of every era, only to be modernized and become more open about it. It was the year 1995 when people realized that love can be found in any corner of the world and over the ‘then newly trending buzz- the Internet’. As the world further advanced into digitization, love began to bloom over dating apps but many people were still reluctant due to privacy concerns.

So to eradicate the genuine privacy issues of the audience and provide everyone with a safe and sparkling dating experience, the dating apps began to integrate serious safety policies and methods. This step led the dating apps to be a fun and safe place for not only women but unbiased to any gender.

So, without delaying anymore, let’s jump into the list of dating apps that maintain themselves at the top for their safety tactics along with doing greater good to society by promoting vaccination amidst the Pandemic.


My dear ladies, are you tired of random bugging DMs and unsolicited nudes? Are the normal societal expectations ruining your dating life?

Worry not! Because Bumble is here to give you the “women first heavenly experience” on its app.

The feature that allows the women in the Heterosexual Matchings to text first, has gained all eyes on Bumble. But this is just the first step, and the follow-ups are equally good as the Photo verification protects you from catfishing, while in-app video and voice calling features ensure the safety of your personal information. The newly introduced feature ‘Private Detector’ blurs out certain anatomical parts of the nudes.

Bumble is all set to shoot the cupid’s arrow at you, once you join the app.

The League

As the name suggests, this dating app is in a different league while adopting safety methods for its users. While matching, the most important thing to be thought of is, whether the person in the profile is real or not, if they have a decent background, etc. The League has taken care of it by linking and verifying its users’ accounts to their LinkedIn accounts. This feature also allows The League to make sure that your matches don’t coincide with any of your colleagues or business associates. It also had embedded in-app video calling features that allows you to know your match better in the app itself, before giving them your personal information.


Oh yes, “XO” certainly looks like the face of someone having fun. Well, that’s what dating should be about, isn’t it? Fun, compatibility, bonding, etc.

You might be self-conscious while talking or chatting, but you certainly would get excited and reveal yourself while playing an exciting game with a stranger, with no judgement issues!

XO understood that to give its users an otherworldly dating experience, it should introduce something funny, and voila! 

You can start your match-making by playing simple yet funny games to spice up things from the very beginning and know each other better. But even if you aren’t ready for that privacy yet, you can always go for group-date-games by inviting your friends to your date gate. And still, if you aren’t ready for putting yourself in the conversation, you can ask for a XO employee to sit in your place using the Third Wheel Feature.


It was not until recently that we accepted the LGBTQ community with open and loving arms, but some parts of the world are yet to treat them as normal human beings. Some countries still behave harshly and make the LGBTQ community feel like aliens. 

But the founders of Scruff and we all, believe that every human, irrespective of their gender, should be treated with manners and kindness. 

Scruff is an LGBTQ-friendly dating app that makes itself a safe and fun platform for Gay People to enjoy their dating life without any conservative societal norms. It also notifies its users of the lesser Gay-Friendly countries while travelling. Along with personal data encryption, Scruff is all set to be one of the best dating apps ever.


Screenshots, saving of photos & videos, etc have always been a fear that pulls the audience out of socializing properly. 

So, Pure decided to fill the gap in between by introducing a feature in its app that prevents anyone from saving any photo from the app and notifies you immediately when someone takes a screenshot. 

The activities in the apps such as profile, likes, comments, everything—self-destructs after 24 hours, making it safe to not leave any information to be tracked.

How Dating Apps are a source of encouragement amidst the Pandemic?

As the demand for the dating apps was clearly visible to the top, the White House took an amazing step ahead by teaming up with the dating apps to give free perks to the users upon getting vaccinated.

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, OkCupid, BLK, Chispa, Plenty of Fish and Badoo agreed to the teaming-up and encouraged their users to get vaccinated as soon as possible to enjoy the super features of the app. 

Tinder and other dating apps also added the vaccination site resources from to help people figure out where they can get the shot nearby.

So, if you are satisfied by the above safety measures of the leading dating apps and their perks, then rush to bloom your love life.

But, if you want to create a dating app of your own and add better safety options to make everybody’s love life safer, we are always here to give you a hand in creating the best custom dating app.