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Small, Medium & Enterprise Business Growth Management Consultant

Ever thought about growth?

We all do, don’t we?

So, why don’t we grow our
company the way we should?

A lot of us, as startups or medium and
large scale businesses, face these issues

Want to scale but don't know the starting point

Have a policy in place but, are unable to implement it

Opted for a fast growth and unable to manage it

Growing but not at the pace we should

So, what is the main issue that underlies all of this? The growth mindset. We all want growth but, we don’t have the growth mindset.

We all want numbers but, we don't know how to achieve it.

We all want to become an enterprise but, we don't know how to run a startup.

We need a proper system but, have not even noted down a process that can help us

We have people but don't know how to get them to work

We have a work culture but, we don't know how to carry forward the soul of the company

Why Growth statement or Growth Mindset is Important?

You don’t want to remain a startup forever, do you? At some point, you want to become a fully grown and mature company.

Here are a few reasons why growth should be given importance:

By growing your business, you increase efficiency and are able to market to more customers

You can easily withstand the market fluctuations as a result of growth

You can approach newer markets and increase the product or services

The company size can be increase

You can be more flexible, and define better work processes

These are just a few benefits associated with growth

That’s where I come into the picture.

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When I started consulting, I realized that many companies had not left their startup mentality despite having grown a few yards by then.

They had no processes in place so, they remained disorganized, which showed in their work culture

They could never get anything delivered on time and had more projects than they could chew

They did not have a different team handling admin and other aspects of the company

I realized they had grown but, their mindset had not grown with them

There was this one time when I was working with the HR team of the company. There were 100+ employees in that company but, they did not have a proper HR policy. The work culture was chaos. Employees were not engaged, and hence the company could not retain them.

Let me explain this point with an example. They did not have a proper payroll system, which meant they could not figure out who all were on a leave on a particular day, unless they went through all the documents and the manual leave paperwork.

Imagine doing this for all your 100 employees. This will take up half the HR resources, leaving no room for strategy and planning that will help the employees engage better. In fact, with the system that was in place, the resources could not even concentrate on recruitments

Scaling was majorly stalled as a result. When I entered the company I told them their problem in no less than a few words. You don’t really know HR well to implement it rightly. I sat them down, explained them the role of HR and how they can automate a few functions.

I also helped them go paperless which will help them with the growth, and scaling of the company eventually. I made them focus on the growth strategies from the HR perspective for the best design of the workplace

Doing business but have Fear of Growth

I remember this friend of mine who was into jewellery designing. She had her own small setup from home. She would deliver jewellery to a select few, and the designs were sold out immediately. She wanted to scale her business but, knew it will take a lot of work. She wanted to scale it in a manageable way but, there were a few constraints like who will manage the business, how she should scale, and how she will get the new designs up as she was working solo. What was her biggest fear? The fear of scaling up or doing business without knowing how to function.

I believe by now you could connect with one or all of these problems. These are just a few growth-related issues that you are going to face. We could talk of many, and still not be done.

Businesses were not fearing to scale but, they did not know how scaling was done!

If you are unable to see the problem or, find a solution, it might affect the existence of your organization.

Going sustainable with Growth

There are challenges associated with fast and slow growth.

Fast growth can make you quit strategic planning or thinking through the future. You are completely near sighted with your vision.For instance, if you have achieved quite a few orders in a month, you are satisfied with them, and you don’t think of the future, where these orders might vanish.

You don’t plan acquisition or retention and don’t even think about the costs associated. Building a team needs to be done quickly, as you need more resources for the challenges you have taken up. In case of slow growth, you need to consider all aspects of risks involved. You are more focused but, you may take a longer time to reach the level you have set for the company.

Again, the culture of the company in case of slow growth would be solid by the time it reaches the growth goal. As a result, change in the culture can take a longer time. That’s why it is important that you opt for manageable and sustainable growth. That way you wont affect your resources, and would be able to achieve the goals in time.

So, where do I come in all this you may ask?

How can I help you?

Plan the type of growth that will help you sustain through competition and build a reputation that stays longer

Help you through the growth processes in terms of change management, culture renewal etc.

Define the process for growth. I don’t believe that the process should be off-the-shelf. I always tailor the processes to make it perfect for the company or individual I am guiding

Guide you through the whole growth process, and help you face all the growth challenges

Set the right culture that befits that situation

If you believe you need a good growth strategy, connect with me via phone or email.

Let's give your growth a good start!