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How SMEs are achieving 90% Productivity in Pandemic?

While scrolling down the social media and looking at all those posts that continuously pushes people to be productive in the “free time” that the lockdown has given to us, I started wondering how being in such a technically advanced world can make people especially the tech business owner stress over their business not being productive due to the sudden outbreak.

No, I am not telling that your business won’t require the outer world or the need to meet the people in person, but when it comes to the crisis like today, the urge to find the alternatives to keep up the business pace becomes a necessity.

So I decided to study and analyze what effect the COVID-19 pandemic is creating on different industries and how the small, medium and enterprise business owners are trying their hands over the techniques and are successful in achieving 90% productivity in their business even in the time of the lockdown.

Before jumping on to the product solutions for the business, let me first share with you some brief information about the industries that got affected due to lockdown.

Overview of top industries affected

Lockdown has affected various sectors of the economy by making them bear the burnt that the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus has spread.

Starting with the aviation industry, with the international flights being canceled along with the suspension of visas for a month followed by the domestic airlines on the halt, the airline industry is facing the worst downtime that occurred due to any epidemic in the past.

Talking about the hospitality and food department, the sudden pause in the operations of the business has reported a decline in the business by 35%, while the restaurant with the delivery offerings have seen a little lesser impact of the economic downtime until now.

Moving to the electronic business, India’s heavy dependency on the country like China for the equipment like compressor and some consumer durable items, this industry is facing a decline of 15% in the mobile shipments. This was just a top view of the real scenario, while there is much more to know if we get into deeper insights.

 Current challenges most SMEs are facing

>> Coordination with the remote working employees and making needed work resources available for them.

>> Managing the work deliveries and customer needs to maintain the inflow of money and customer service.

>> Keeping the employees emotionally and physically healthy to maintain the workforce and business productivity.

>> Redesigning the business plan to overcome the current loss in-order to be ready to get back in the market once the lockdown gets over.

So now when you are well aware of the current scenario of the business world, it’s time to learn some ways to get maximum out of your business in the critical time of lockdowns due to pandemic. So keep reading…

List of some ways SMEs are using to maintain productivity in pandemic

>> Make the best use of the latest technology

As I said at the start of the article, living in a tech-friendly world, it’s not hard for most of us to find a digital solution to the problem we are in now. With the options like remote working and the highly advanced tech gadgets which can help the remote workers do their work with utmost efficiency, maintaining the productivity of the business by being at a distance is no more a challenging task.

While talking about the non-tech business, the possibilities to get their work done remotely has increased with the development of the technology gadgets based on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality. These applications help businesses like customer service or electricians solve the problems of their customers by entering into virtual space through gadgets.

You can read more about such technologies and its usefulness to the different businesses to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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>> Keep up your employee morale

The most important asset of any business is its employees. In situations like today, they might be listening to many such negative news that can leave them in panic conditions. In order to get good productivity out of them, keeping a check on their mental state becomes your priority.

Help them with their remote work, make sure they have enough resources to make the remote working easier for them. Talk to them frequently, ask questions, clarify their doubts, ensure you all are on the same page when it comes to work deliveries. Follow some basic activities that keep you all active and updated about the work going around in the project.

>> Set up virtual meetings every day

  • No change in morning and evening reporting times
  • Have a clear list of task assigned 
  • Let your team members socialize virtually through chats
  • Share some positive thoughts and information other than work 

These small activities prove to be really helpful for the business owners to keep up the employee productivity while everyone is working remotely.

>> Turning the table with new business plan

The quarantine and the lockdowns have greatly affected the economy of most of the businesses in the industry. Well, thinking about it a little differently, it’s time for the earth as well as your business policies to heal and come out evolved and reconstructed for better when the lockdowns get over.

Most of the SME business owners are taking this “free time” of quarantine as a lesson, like how being prepared for such uncertainties should be a part of their business plans. This is the time when they can sit and analyze the market and spare time to rethink the strategies and recognize the opportunity which they would miss otherwise. Taking it as an opportunity to reset their business operations, they are investing their time to make new business plans that could yield greater results than before.

With concepts like virtual business mentoring, getting guidance from the experienced experts of the industry becomes a lot easier. These specialists can guide you to direct your business on the right track by making smarter business models that help you face such crises easily.

>> Boost in digital buying behavior

The last and the most intelligent approach that most of the business owners have adopted during the downtime is leveraging the digital space for their business.

As the shops and restaurants are temporarily shut down, the approaches to boost the digital buying behavior of the customers have improved. By adopting the different tactics like ZERO CONTACT DELIVERY in the time of social distancing is what is called a smarter business plan that the brands like Domino’s and Swiggy have adopted.

Below are the examples of the excellent digital strategies that are working well for these businesses even in the time of lockdown.

The above posts are the real-time instance on how using the digital space like social media platforms and websites with an efficient business campaign can maintain the business sales as it worked for this business.

Summing Up

There is no specific set of rules defined that can make your business more productive. Every business based on its operative process, attributes, functionality and the number of people that it is serving, needs a different approach to be adopted to make it work more efficiently. The points defined above are proof about how making small efforts can make a business maintain its productivity even in the times of hardship.

So, if you are thinking of making a robust business plan to relaunch your business in the market with the lockdowns getting over or aiming to have smart business plans like Domino’s and Swiggy that can help your business flow effortlessly even in the time of crisis, I have a startup growth program where I mentor the business owners to make strategic business plans that can help them expand their business into a bigger space.

You can schedule a virtual meeting, or email me your queries along with some basic information about your business to further discuss your requirements and make some smarter plans.

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