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Get Started With Your Own Social Commerce Startup

Whenever someone thinks of entrepreneurship, hurdles, risk, profit and loss are always the basic side platters of it. 

Many get confused at the second level, i.e., the construction of the right online platform, proper digital marketing methods, etc. whereas the idea transformation remains right. 

Social Commerce has taken the second half of the entrepreneurial stage into its hands and has freed the entrepreneurs from street marketing and selling, just like E-Commerce.

It has opened the channels for online businesses to sell, buy and advertise on social media platforms.

Many companies worldwide have adopted social commerce into their business model and are now gaining all eyes on them. 

So, if you are about to start an online business, sooner or later, read the below section and get an idea of what a perfect Social Commerce Startup should look like and what social commerce methods should you adopt for your new brand.

Meesho- An Indian Social Commerce Startup:

One of the most unique Social Commerce Startups is the Indian Origin Meesho. It’s a platform that provides a vast amount of products to be resold by the users and earn money from it.

The products are provided by various producers and include clothing, accessories, gadgets, and more. The users have to resell the items via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and generate sales. They get a commission out of each product sold. 

Super- An Indonesian Social Commerce Startup:

Super is a social commerce startup that focuses on the delivery of day to day materials & goods to cities or towns with a gross domestic product per capita of $5,000 USD or lower in Indonesia. 

Prices are higher in the rural and isolated areas along with the high delivery rates and time delay. 

So, Super took advantage of the situation and started a central hub and many small hubs in rural areas where the local delivery personnel would deliver the items and the local people would get them at lower costs and in less time.

The commitment that Super made to the underserved regions of Indonesia helped them to bag an oversubscribed $28 million Series B led by SoftBank Ventures Asia.

Mio- A Vietnamese Social Commerce Startup:

Just like any other east-Asian country, Vietnam also has developed Social Commerce, but in urban areas. The rural areas still go into waiting periods when it comes to deliveries. Some people could see the gap in between and decided to build the bridge and launched Mio.

Mio currently focuses on groceries and is aiming to expand its services to other fields after gaining a seed funding of $1 Million.

The Social Commerce methods that your brand should adopt:

Social Commerce involves two steps in its process of setting up an online shop:

  • Creating a Platform for online shopping
  • Creating community and expanding your audience with relevant content

We are here to let you have a brief idea of both the phases of Social Commerce to make your brand visibility and selling/buying experience easier.

First Phase ( creating a community for doing online business):

  • Create a specific social media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook groups, Instagram, etc. Make a trusted platform available for your audience to interact with. People find it easy to communicate via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc chat sections and they find it assuring if they get personalized replies (even chatbots are fine)!
  • Making a direct transaction on social media posts of your products can prevent your audience from navigating away from the particular product. It can also be easier for the customers.
  • Social Media posts, stories, the newly trending reels sections with tags, redirecting links, etc can give your audience a direct linking way to your online store. So while scrolling through the feeds, they can directly go for online shopping.
  • Discussion Forums on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Second Phase (Spreading the words and gaining the traffic):

  • User Engagement Content– Nobody likes to read the details or see the illogical advertisements of your products. Show them something relevant to real life, like how can they relate the usage of your product in their life. 

People mostly prefer the products that are advertised by influencers. So, whenever an influencer posts content about your product, it is likely to gain more eyes on it.

  • Giveaways and sale coupons To create interest and engagement among the audience, you have to find a way to pull them into your product advertisement and make them use or feel what your product is really about. So, even if they are unwilling to buy, you should try doing a few giveaways and discount coupons for them. 

Once they use your product, don’t leave it completely on them to revisit your business or not. Try to connect again and again. Free usage of your product might get them a hang of how good your product really is and that can convert a lead to a customer.

  • Engaging User feedbacks and images Imagine a user review loaded with lots of sentences full of amazing vocabulary and on the other hand, an image where a user has used the product and clicked the photograph of it to give perfect feedback of how it actually looks or feels.
  • Which one would be better for the further selling of your product?
  • Audience Quiz Ask your audience about what they want from you. Ask them about the gaps in your products that they want to fill. Create a quiz or an engaging conversation to gain the trust of your audience on your brand.
  • A better view of the product/ service Show a better image or video of your product from all angles to let the customers know about your product in detail. Allow them to imagine it with them. Show every nook and corner of your product just like they would like to see while street shopping.

Be it a real product or the advertisement of your website, always let the customers know that you want them to know your business thoroughly.

For example, look at all the website pages of this online business and deduce the detailed information of their services.

Platforms for Social Commercing:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram Marketplace
  • Pinterest Product Pins
  • Google Shopping Ads on Youtube

If you are stuck at creating a beautiful online shop for your new business, we are here to help you with the best development services.