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Top 7 Low Investment Startup Ideas to Get Your Own Business Started

Wake up! Get your coffee! Look at the clock running towards 9! 

Race to your job! Stiff your vertebrae till 6! Come back!

That’s regular life!

But some adventurers decided to turn that 180 degrees around and enter into the challenging world of entrepreneurship and lead a mentos life!

I am not saying that living a regular life is wrong but haven’t we all just ONE life? 

Well! It’s true that many people lead the so-called normal life because they are hindered by many factors such as financial security, risk factor, less scope, etc.

So today, we are going to focus on the most important factor while starting a new business, and that’s none other than “investment”, the money! 

Every entrepreneur wants to build a successful business on as low an investment as possible but with more significant revenue. 

So we are here to give you the list of the top online business ideas that require the minimum investment of all.

1) Sell a Service:

Sometimes, when people open up businesses, they qualify in specific skills and do not in others. But for making a business to its top, there are a lot of qualities to be added. So they look for people with those skill-sets.

And, if you have that skill-set, you can sell it and build your own business around that skill.

For example, photography, freelance writing, graphics designing, developing apps/websites, fitness training, etc.

With the skills mentioned above in demand, it is always easy and cheap to build up your business and provide it worldwide. With a minimum investment, it can return you significant revenue.

You can climb up on online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., to market your services. While you cover an event as a photographer or write content for a company, you can show those real-served samples of your works on your website/social media sites and increase your engagement.

2) Digital marketing agencies:

When the whole world is going online with their businesses, marketing should be done where the advertisements become unavoidable by the audience. Yes, social media!

Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, guest blogging, content marketing, etc., are the services that are necessary to boost any business engagements. But not every person is good enough with the new tactics, but they should go for it regardless. This necessity gives rise to an excellent opportunity for the people with the skills mentioned above to open an organization dedicated to the service that markets other people’s businesses, making them the best digital marketing agencies.

The investment here is the lowest, perhaps because all you need is a good laptop, fast internet connectivity, a team of 3-4 smart and talented people, and boom! You can set up a renowned company of yours.

3) App/website developers:

As you have come down this far in the blog, you must have realized that all these start-up ideas we are talking about require the internet. But the internet is like the rail track; we need the train to be on the tracks, then only it’s possible to travel.

So here, to run the businesses online, we need a platform, and that’s the websites or apps.

Building the perfect app/website for your new business is crucial because it makes your customers stay on your online store after you bring them through hard marketing. So, app/website developers are on the seventh cloud in terms of entrepreneurship. 

It requires a low investment of 1-2 lakh to buy a good laptop, a good internet connection, and the perfect knowledge and skill set. Skillset can’t be purchased, though! 

As many eyes would be on you, it’s important to have the proper knowledge of your work and always be ready for a gruelling race ahead.

So as a group of developers, we understand that many people rely on us to build the platform for their business, so we always make sure to put the following features in any website or app while developing them-

  • Category-wise division and display of products or services
  • Easy and captivating UI/UX
  • All types of online transaction methods
  • No website/app crashing and quick loading of pages
  • Wishlist or cart feature
  • Point of contact 

4) Home Bakery/ cloud kitchen:

Here, all you need is a creative and yummy skill-set, a cloud-kitchen app to monitor your online business, and the perfect marketing ideas. It is going to a hit because who doesn’t love desserts!!

5) Online Influencers/ Youtubers:

This is somewhat new (not so unique, actually). People turn up to social media with different creative and engaging content to increase their followers and hence end up with brand collaborations to earn handsome amounts of money and goodies.

Similarly, youtube provides a platform to shoot or create videos and upload them. After hitting a definite target of subscribers and watch hours, you can get paid for ads to be run with your videos.

Trust me; our youth is going crazy over this!

6) DIY/handmade products:

If you have a hobby like painting, digital arts, crafting, pottery, candle making, resin art, you can easily turn that into a real-time business with excellent traffic. People nowadays are supporting small businesses like never before. 

It requires investment but much lower amounts. So, don’t be shy anymore and hit that skill out!

7) Online boutiques:  

people with heed in fashion open online boutiques with their own designs, which can be a fantastic idea.

It might require a bit of investment, but it can generate revenue out of your imagination upon success. 

To open any business online, you must have realized that how important an app or website is. Hurry up and get the best app/website for your new online business now.