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Stop your team to panic – Startup leadership guide to manage COVID – 19 outbreak

As I was going through the COVID – 19 updates, I realized how the situation around is getting worse, just then I heard my mobile ringing with one of my entrepreneur friend’s number on my phone screen. I picked up the phone, and guess what, the man on the other side of the phone startled me with how difficult it was for him to handle the work and the team simultaneously.

With the situation where the government has declared lockdown, economy going down and his employees not being able to come to the office, his head was filled with the thoughts about how will he manage all these ups and downs, moreover how will he help his employees overcome the current situations and thoughts to make them focus on their work to produce some effective outputs.

Just after he had finished his part and shared his concern, I had only one thing for him to say “Stop Panicking”. This made me understand one thing from the conversation, that how important it is for a leader to have a stable state of mind to face any situation that arises and bring confidence in the people connected with him to stand together to fight the odds.

To bring out the leadership skill and to help all the leaders out there going through the same phase, I have curated some ways to keep your employee’s morale up during the coronavirus crisis that can help you get through the situation swiftly.

  • Be realistic in your communication

The rumors from the outside world have spread a great wave of fear in the minds of people, while you being well aware of how your people might react or take this situation, know how you will communicate the solution to deal with the situation to them.

Call a meeting, discuss the current scenario about how it could affect the current workflow of the organization and what steps you are planning to take by considering the safety of each one as well as the business profit lines. Apply a very practical approach to the situation, ensure that they are in no need to worry about their jobs and salary. Talk to them about the worst-case scenario that could occur and how you are prepared with your plans to get the best possible outcomes.

  • Make them well informed

A partial or fake information is the root cause of any instability of mental state. Your employees might be using many platforms to gain information about the things going around the world and the pandemic, you are not assured how many of them might be knowing the right things and how many of them are believing the fake news that’s getting viral all around.

Research well to know what’s right, trust only on the respected sources for the information and facts, convey the right information to them via groups to make them aware of the actual scenario out there. Make them aware of the truth to help them understand the actions that are to be taken for the prevention of the same.

Help them face the situations better by making some informed adjustments for the work and related meetings. Explain to them your plan of virtual meetings instead of flying to countries for meetings. Help them with their work-plan to adjust the priority and urgency of work and get those things done first. A collaborative effort to work and life management can help you both deal with the situations better.

  • Help them with a remote working concept

The pandemic is an unanticipated thing to occur that none of you might be prepared for. Your team might never have been in a situation like working from home. Some might find it difficult to have some access, while others might not have a working environment at home to give you some effective outputs.

Help them with some smart solutions that require minimal effort and make it easy for them to work efficiently. Set up policies that talk about individual responsibilities to contribute to the company goals while working remotely. Improve the communication by using some easy chat options like Skype and Google Hangouts, great internal communication management is key to handle any critical situation. Assure them that they will hear from you as the situation unwinds.

  • Encourage self-care

The next thing you need to do as a leader is to make people understand the need for self-care. It is a very generic phenomenon that in case of such a pandemic situation, people always take themselves for granted, thinking that it cannot come to them or are scared to share it with anyone even if they are feeling the same.

Make them understand the need to take care of themselves, be a good leader or mentor to them, back your suggestions and advice by some video or factual information. Inform them about the small things that they can do to keep themselves away from getting affected by any kind of virus. Washing hands, using sanitizers and masks, keeping distance, ask them to follow it strictly and make them understand why it’s needed not just for them but also for the safety of the people around them.

  • Bring in positivity

The fear of coronavirus has affected people more mentally than physically, people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks have increased a lot more in the past few weeks. This is nothing but the negative impacts that the increasing number of positive cases around the world has spread.

However, as a leader in your organization, setting a tone that brings in a positive vibe in your employees becomes a must. A dreadful or scared employee will surely have a great effect on the work he/she is involved in. Try to help them gain positivity by showing them some brighter sides of the world, pass on some motivating messages that help them work especially remotely. Talk to them often, listen to them and their concerns, try to spread some positive waves from your side to make them feel that everything is going to be alright soon.

Summing Up

The unforeseen situations ought to come, but what makes it easy to pass through it is the way you respond to it. Being a leader to any organization, you can not completely wipe away the fear that’s growing in your employee’s mind, but you can surely make efforts to mitigate its effects by making efforts that can help you minimize their fear and anxiety.

Pandemic like COVID – 19 is indeed hard to tackle and has greatly affected the mental peace of people. Being a leader, it’s your duty to create an environment where your employees can work efficiently.

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