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Startup Services

Mentorship, Setup Business Operations, Fundraising, MVP approach, Website or Mobile App Development, Legal Advice for Your Startup

Our experience leads us here to identify what is needed for a startup to scale and grow. We assess and define the structure to run a business for an expansive space. Our comprehensive startup business services improve critical business perspectives of their domain.

Our process defines us. We provide phase-wise scalability to nurture a startup. For you, as a startup, it is a one-stop-shop for all the services, from mentoring to operations, legal to technology, and MVP to funding consulting.

Let’s Talk About Opportunity

    *Your idea is 100% protected by our non-disclosure agreement.

    What can you expect as Startup Services Benefits?

    Mentoring Startup Ideas

    Do you have a business idea? Our mentors help you validate your idea and guide you to take the crucial steps to overcome the hurdles for its smooth functioning. Every startup or entrepreneur wants to get their idea to market to see them rolling. If you authorize your idea and prove it has worth beyond the bar napkin on which it is written — then the process becomes much more accessible.

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    Startup Registration & IP Consultation

    With the growing number of startups in India, legal advice is the priority of any entrepreneurs. Our team of legal experts offers startups & businesses services ranging from starting a business to IP protection, copyrights to trademarks, a patent for their brand and products to contracts and agreements for founders, employment to vendor agreements.

    Business Operations Services

    Business operations engage in daily activities to generate more profit and increase the value of their assets. These assets include human capital, the tools used by the organization, collected data, marketing, and sales capabilities. Get two decades of experience for your entrepreneurship and simplify each task from operational to business development, hiring the right candidate to team management, legal aspects to fundraising.

    Funding Consulting

    Our consulting services cover all the funding sources from crowdfunding to angel investors and government grants. We evaluate the nature of the business, founder’s background, competency, and other associated constituents, we help startups to make a decision on what kind of funding is required. Create an attractive investor deck, business plan and learn to deliver a pitch that investors cannot turn down.

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    MVP Approach

    MVP approach helps you to bring your startup idea and provide feedback to improve the product further. Building a minimum viable product can take multiple iterations to reach completion. We not only listen to your idea for the MVP, but we also help you evolve it and develop it too. To measure the scope of scalability, MVP gives you an edge by testing a product hypothesis with minimal resources.

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    Web Development

    Our web development services help startups to strengthen existing IT footprints of business to make them digital strong pillars, with low cost of ownership and scalability by taking the technological advantages needed for business. User experience and user interface need experienced resources to help you with your website development.

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    Mobile App Development

    Mobile apps are an integral part of 80% of the Indians day to day life; After being one of the most innovative spaces in the industry today, mobile app development holds the prospect for the future of business. Our mobile app development service helps your business to connect better with your customers!

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    Digital Marketing

    Most of the founders and entrepreneurs, after launching a startup consider digital campaigns to reach the target audience as a last-minute task. Website traffic or app downloads or improve the conversion rate of your users, you need an expert to define a digital marketing strategy. Our expert will be with you for every stage of setting traction for your business, such as market research, analysis, and research for campaigns to help you hit off your marketing campaigns.

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    Stop meaningless struggle – Your Growth is our Mission

    We are proud to have Mr. Atit Purani- a successful serial entrepreneur who brings with him all his experience and learnings to mentor and provide you with solutions to all your startup problems. He can design a personalized strategy for your startup and help you to focus on your core strengths. He can take you through critical viewpoints of your business and facilitate you to speed up your business growth. He can uncover opportunistic insights for you and train your teams to work together and bring you profits.

    Drop-in your query to discuss about business ideas.

    GED’s ‘O’ Philosophy

    Letter ‘O’ is a symbol of infinite and eternal power. As vocative, exclamatory or in emoji, ‘O’ represents strong feelings. ‘O’ through another lens, also is the magical ‘ZERO’. Zero is nothing and infinite; as adding ‘ZERO’ to any number – increases its value.

    This simple, yet powerful; meaningful, yet magical letter inspires us. At GED, our work philosophy and approach are expressed with following ‘O’ words that capture our values.



    Client's problems are our problems. We believe that problem solving begins with commitment. If problems are not known and not owned, solutions are elusive.

    Out of Box

    Solving problems demand alternative ideas. We know that the constraints or boundaries limit the possibilities as we seek creative solutions.


    Solutions are not just about effectiveness but is also about efficiency. We strive to provide solutions that deliver more 'bang for the buck'.


    Professional relationships are about giving solutions that are based on hard facts and transparent approach. Truth is bitter at times and we don't hesitate to bring it to our client's notice.

    Thus, at GED, our values revolve around these four ‘O’s that imply owning the problem, using open mind to find creative solution that not just solves the problem but solves it within the limited resources based on objective data and not subjective biases. In other words, the four ‘O’s are about commitment, creativity, pragmatism and transparency that guide our work.