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Startup Services

Mentorship, Setup Business Operations, Fundraising, MVP approach, Website or Mobile App Development, Legal Advice for Your Startup

Our experience leads us here to identify what is needed for a startup to scale and grow. We assess and define the structure to run a business for an expansive space. Our comprehensive startup business services improve critical business perspectives of their domain.

Our process defines us. We provide phase-wise scalability to nurture a startup. For you, as a startup, it is a one-stop-shop for all the services, from mentoring to operations, legal to technology, and MVP to funding consulting.

What can you expect as Startup Services Benefits?

Stop meaningless struggle – Your Growth is our Mission

We are proud to have Mr. Atit Purani- a successful serial entrepreneur who brings with him all his experience and learnings to mentor and provide you with solutions to all your startup problems. He can design a personalized strategy for your startup and help you to focus on your core strengths. He can take you through critical viewpoints of your business and facilitate you to speed up your business growth. He can uncover opportunistic insights for you and train your teams to work together and bring you profits.

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Letter ‘O’ is a symbol of infinite and eternal power. As vocative, exclamatory or in emoji, ‘O’ represents strong feelings. ‘O’ through another lens, also is the magical ‘ZERO’. Zero is nothing and infinite; as adding ‘ZERO’ to any number – increases its value.

This simple, yet powerful; meaningful, yet magical letter inspires us. At GED, our work philosophy and approach are expressed with following ‘O’ words that capture our values.

Thus, at GED, our values revolve around these four ‘O’s that imply owning the problem, using open mind to find creative solution that not just solves the problem but solves it within the limited resources based on objective data and not subjective biases. In other words, the four ‘O’s are about commitment, creativity, pragmatism and transparency that guide our work.