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Are you planning a new career move? How to stay motivated through the rejections and not lose sight of your goal.

As I look back at my life, it was not always this beautiful. It was definitely not a bed of roses but, it gave me enough substance to help me learn and grow. One such moment that is clear in my mind is the time when I was searching for a job. A new-on-the-corporate-block kid with aspirations that touched the sky, I was slowly looking for opportunities that could help me grow. However, I failed to get it despite all my efforts; at least, I did not get the opportunity immediately. It took me some time, and great efforts before I could get my first job, and start working and paying my bills.


The one thing that journey taught me was patience and how to stay motivated despite being rejected, not once but, several times. Here I will take you through that journey to help you stay motivated, if you are stuck in same such situation.

So, drink some water, and start reading. Hopefully, you will follow these tips to success.

  • Schedule your job search

If you are planning a career move, the first thing you ought to do is take a step back, think through the available options, and plan your job search thoroughly. A well-planned and organized job search can help you get the right job with minimal efforts. Let’s say you should start with updating your resume.

  • Follow the below steps:

Give certain amount of time and definition to your task. Think and Plan job you are looking for. For this, you need to think through every aspect of job position, your skills, market scenarios, your abilities etc. See that your actions meet your aspirations for the same job you are looking or not.

  • Plot the priorities

It is all about organizing yourself, and maintaining the organized schedule for the day. You ought to think through and manage the job search the way you manage a new work assignment. Set milestones that you need to achieve, break it into small parts such as update resume, research the company from where you have received a call, organize the notes you have made for the interview, prepare the outfit for the interview and other such things. The more organized you are before the interview, the better chances you have of cracking the interview and staying motivated through the job search.

  • Take a break from the marathon

If you have scheduled just too many interviews in a small period of time, and it is taking a toll on you, it is probably time to sit back and relax. You should just sit back and think through all the opportunities that you have lined up. Is it more out of desperation or, you really wanted to take up these opportunities? The burnout is often faced when you simply line up opportunities without thinking them through. Time to recover from the burnout, which means you ought to disconnect from the process, think through what you are really looking for, and finally get back in the marathon. A break is always a good idea to land into the right opportunity.

  • Learn from your rejections

If you have been rejected from several companies, then it should not be all about getting disappointed. Instead, think through the reasons why you are getting rejected. You ought to speculate, ask the job owners the reason they felt you are not good for the position, and take learnings from these incidents. It is all about learning, applying the learning and moving forward in the journey towards seeking better opportunities. Ask the questions that were asked in the interview and see why your replies did not match their expectations. Seek assistance, emotional and interview wise, from family and friends, as they can help you understand your situation better. While the job search definitely takes you on the edge of the matters, it also helps you understand what is best for your immediate and long-term needs.

  • Network in person

You should ideally network in person as well. It is not enough to apply to all the opportunities made available to you. you should ideally seek assistance and help from people within the industry. They will know how to go about the job search, and can help you get a better deal than the online and offline methods.
Know your weakness

The most important deal in any job search or career planning is to know what triggers your emotional side and what triggers all your weaknesses. It is also important to make a note of your weakness. If you are done with these two things, you are sure to learn better and stay motivated through your journey. You will not be bogged down by the unnecessary evils such as anger, frustration etc.

Summing up

A career move can become quite a tedious affair, and the planning takes a long time. however, the idea is to stay focused and look for opportunities in an organized manner. Make sure you don’t end up in a job that makes you unhappy just because you were demotivated and dejected. Follow the tips mentioned here, and you are sure to make up for all the lost opportunities.

If you want help or counselling with your career move, connect with me via email or phone. I will not only help you stay motivated, but also help you organize your career move.

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