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Why strategic planning is crucial even for team India to win the 2019 World Cup?

As the World Cup fever has already started, people are having various discussions regarding the planning and team strategy of the men in blue. But, do you know that the strategic planning will play an important role in India’s victory in the 2019 World Cup.

Before we proceed with the history of Indian Cricket World Cups and the reasons for which India will win the World Cup 2019, let’s study what actually is strategic planning.

What is strategic planning?

The strategic planning is nothing but an organizational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources in order to strengthen their operations and ensure that everyone associated with the organization has a common goal. The strategic planning is based on the disciplined effort with a focus on the future. The more effective your strategy is the more it articulates the actions needed to make progress and the way to know how you can really succeed.

There are a lot of ways and methods for strategic planning but there is nothing called as the right framework. Most of the strategies follow a similar pattern with a few variations. The basic phases of strategic planning are:

  • Analysis or Assessment
  • Strategy formulation
  • Strategy Execution
  • Evaluation

How is strategic planning applied to the World Cup Cricket?

Cricket is not just a game that is played on the field. It is a game played in the minds of the teams as well. Cricket is a game of spirit and strategy. The proper you plan the better are the chances of your winning. India ranks on the top of the cricketing world as of now. The Indian cricket team has the honor of being two times World Champions. The first World Cup was won in the year 1983 and then the Indian team triumphed over Sri Lanka in 2011 Cricket World Cup right on the home soil. The team has ended up as a runner-up in the years 1987, 1996 and 2015.

All these wins and extraordinary performances are not a hit in the dark. Instead, these matches have proved to be the result of effective strategic planning. Let’s attempt to speculate what the 2019 tournament has in its folds for India based on the performance of the men in blue in the World Cup 2011 and 2015.

India in 2011 World Cup

India hosted the World Cup in the year 2011. As the team had familiar conditions to play, they were expected to perform better. The team was considered stronger as they had changed the opening strategy. Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar opened the game, they had Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli as the line up next to keep raising runs. The skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni had planned star-studded batting line-up. The team format used in the year 1996 was used again this time even when there was criticism flowing everywhere. Five bowlers were planned properly consisting of the pacers and the offspinners.

In the final match, Sri Lanka won the toss and chose to bat. They could raise 247 with 6 out in 50 overs. India’s chase began very poorly as Sehwag and Sachin could not raise more than 31 with both of them out after 10 overs. However, the strategy of putting the young and high-spirited batmen on 3rd and 4th rank proved to be a lifesaver for India. The match ended with Dhoni’s blasting six and the World Cup was won.

India in 2015 World Cup

India went to Australia and New Zealand as the World Cup was co-hosted by them as the defending champions. They were expected to perform well due to their familiarity with the Australian conditions. This team had only 4 members from the 2011 winning team. Despite major key performers missing, team India had planned a power-packed batting line-up. The bowlers also comprised of pacers, spinners, and all-rounders. Overall, the team was strong. The team defeated Pakistan team to enter the quarterfinals. But, India could not perform well after they were qualified for quarterfinals and moved to New Zealand to play other matches.

Here is a study from, where they have estimated the probabilities of winning the World Cup in 2015 of the 10 best teams. The probabilities are based on the data collected from the year 1975- 2011 World Cup matches.

World Cup Stats5 strategies which can make India win the 2019 World Cup

1) There is a well-set opening pair

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are the pair who landed amongst the top 10 opening pairs in ICC ODI Batting Rankings. Sharma has 1030 runs in 19 innings in the year 2018 whereas, Dhawan has 897 runs. Now, the question is what makes them an excellent pair?

Well, both of them are world class batsmen and to top it they complement each other. Though Sharma is a slow starter, Dhawan makes sure that he does not land in pressure. Once Rohit is good to go, Dhawan makes a good supporting partner.

They have batted together in 90 innings and have over 4000 runs in their bucket with an average that exceeds 45. They have performed really well in various Global Tournaments and Dhawan has been a top performer always.

2) Virat Kohli in his best form

Virat Kohli is often termed as the greatest batsman of his generation. Also, time and again, he has proved that he is rightly called team India’s backbone. He has always proved to be yielding which was quite visible in the last three years. In the year 2018, he has 1202 runs in just 14 games. Out of which 6 of the games were played in the hostile conditions of South Africa. He is the player who doesn’t succumb to knockout pressure and can win his side games single-handedly. So, if he is given a fragile middle order and individually long tail, he can become the key to India’s World Cup campaign.

3) Four awesome pacers

India is not well-known when it comes to producing quality pacers. But, we do have some bowlers making it to the top charts in ICC ODI bowling ranking. Jasprit Bumrah has been a great discovery for the team India since his debut. In 44 ODI’s at an average of 21.01, he has claimed 78 wickets to his name. He can surely be called as an exceptional performer.

Mohammad Shami, who has been India’s bowling lead for a long time has 94 wickets to his name in 52 games. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ishant Sharma are the very good choices to complete the quartet.

4) The master strategist MS Dhoni

How can our own captain cool be forgotten as he was the one behind the victory of India in 2011 World Cup! Though he may not be the finisher as he once was, he definitely has the experience. Being the chief architect of India’s point-blank domination, he is the best brain in the world cricket. Even after stepping down from the captain’s position, he is often seen mentoring Virat and not to forget he is one of the main pillars of team India. The inexperienced middle order going to play World Cup needs a mastermind like Dhoni to plan and win.

5) Spinners- Jadeja and Yadav

English pitches are favorable to excellent spinners. And team India has many of them. The best spinners for now in the team are Yadav and Jadeja. Though Ashwin is a good player, Yadav can prove to be India’s ace in the World Cup. The man is familiar with English conditions and knows how to bowl at his best. He has 67 wickets to his name in 33 ODI games out of which 3 were played in England. Talking about Jadeja, he has been prolific over the last few years but the English pitches will definitely support his bowling style. He took the highest number of wickets in Champions Trophy in 2013. He is a good fielder too. Fielders do win you matches!

Summing up:

Like India has a team strategy planned for the 2019 World Cup, you should also plan an out of the box strategy for your organizational team. You should line up some great batsmen, some spinners, a rock to take all the blows and a mastermind. All these with a great strategy can definitely help you deliver better.

And if you wish to have a helping hand with your strategy planning, and would like to discuss your ideas in detail, connect with me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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