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How team building activities for work help you even if the lockdown extends for 6 months

» Revised business plans? – ✅
» Streamlined work process? – ✅
» Strategizing a plan to improve team morale? – ⚠️

Wait! Does your business lockdown extension strategy include nurturing your remote working team spirit?

Well, business owners often miss considering the corporate team building activities into their business plans, the results of which are seen with the fall in the business productivity as India entered the lockdown 4.0 phase.

With the employees working remotely for a longer time, the comfort and the settled home ground workplace is taking them away from developing themselves as a team, shifting their focus to individual performance. 

We at GED had one such client, a small business owner who came-up with the issue of reduced employee productivity and lack of team spirit as his employees are working remotely due to lockdown. 

As a solution to his problem, our team of experts analyzed some reasons that played a major role in affecting the team bond.

  • Concerns on the availability of each member
  • Lack of company culture and fun activities 
  • Loneliness while working from home 
  • Delayed responses
  • Absence of coffee break or lunchtime bond sharing opportunities

Keeping in mind the above factors and after the market research on the companies adopting virtual team activities for remote employees, below are some online team building games curated for corporate businesses. 

But, before we move to the online team building ideas, let’s learn about some real-life examples of some companies that adopted virtual team building to fill the void of coffee break conversations.

  • ShareChat social media platform and firm have organized “virtual weekend parties”  for their employees to get along and have fun together as they used to have before lockdown. They also organized “online gaming contests” for the teams to compete and have fun while working in the remote space. The company also ensures food delivery surprises for their employees. 
  • Flipkart, the famous online shopping website has encouraged employees with kids to introduce them to the team during video meetings to promote a sense of togetherness and a familiar workspace environment. 
  • A Walmart-owned firm is promoting a virtual team bond by organizing a ‘digital chai break’ for the employees to discuss and vent their concerns as they used to do in their offices. They have also created an online community where the employees could have fun by posting their pictures with the hashtag #WorkFromHomeLife.
  • Mahindra group has taken a step to ensure the employee’s mental health during COVID-19 by organizing emotional hygiene webinars for the employees to maintain their emotional and mental balance. Along with this, they have scheduled some interactive sessions of employees with the nutritionists to help everyone stay fit and have fun during the online fitness sessions. 

Wasn’t that interesting? Do you want your employees to feel these team bonding spirit and fun? 

Build your company culture with us!

Indoor team building activities to build a company culture during the lockdown

» Who’s the best challenge

The activity includes a series of challenges given to the employees to cross the different levels and make the best ones win. The challenges like designing the best possible backgrounds for the conference call. For the ones using Zoom, the employees are challenged to use the Zoom background features while for the ones without it are allowed to use the things available at home. 

The other challenges like GIF war’s and innovation for crises are some from the list.

» Guess the secret 

This is an interesting activity where each team member has to submit a secret about them to the team lead through an individual form. These secrets are then read out in front of the team. The team then needs to guess the name of the person they think the secret is of, to earn the points. The person with the highest number of right guesses is declared as the winner. 

» Virtual fitness challenge

Here the employees are made to download a common fitness app, where they have to enter a fitness target they desired to achieve in a week. Finally, the records are being checked for the ones who achieve the goal and perform the best to be declared as a winner. The virtual workout sessions are also organized by companies. 

» Problem-solving games

This online team building game makes your employees brainstorm through the problem statements given as a challenge to be solved. This problem statement can be a real-life professional challenge with a tricky scenario for the employees to find the easiest way out of it. 

» Virtual reading sessions 

For the employees who share the same interest in reading, organizing virtual reading sessions can be a great treat. Such reading clubs can include different news, books, and magazines which could promote critical thinking to nurture their knowledge.

What if you don’t have an HR or trainer to initiate team building activities for your company?

Well, you are on the right spot if you have the above question!

Our Team building services are strategically designed to train the team for the employers where our experienced business mentor with different corporate team building activities and personalized team building sessions helps to create a dream team for the organization. 

Whether it’s about improving employee work coordination or preparing the team for upcoming challenges, we have your back! 

Just drop us an email to share your team concerns or connect with us on call +91-757-507-9793 to get your team a mentor.