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Team Building Services

Fights can be won by an individual but to win a battle we need an army of team.

Our team building services aimed to enhance the social relations and defining specified roles within teams so that collective effort surpasses the individual’s efforts resulting in a winning combination.

All activities covered in these services are aimed to achieve several goals and objectives, such as developing management skills in employees by practicing them to discover effective ways to accomplish tasks and cooperating with other team members to discover or to define potential leaders.

What can you expect as Team Building Services Benefits?

High-Performance Team building Service

In the early days of business, a startup needs to boost an under-functioning team, build or sustain strengths, address inter-communication problems and make everyone motivated by creating a winning culture, GED is the right place. We work on actual – real-time behaviour changes to help the team to deliver high performance not by PowerPoint or fundas but by real-time business engagements.

Our simulation-based team building engagement service develops the behaviour and deepens the understanding that yields high functioning.

Youth Leadership Service

Youngblood is tomorrow for the future and at GED with our proven personal development cum creative processes, we help the startups and organisations to seek the future leaders. We offer hands-on, inspiring, practical and real, processes that are immediately relevant to your business model. Young people love what we do!

We make them able to get up, able to be active, able to talk and also able to think creatively. Our philosophy strongly believes in a futuristic approach with young brains and we help startups and business owners in achieving this.

Improving Processes & Procedures Service

Many times it happens due to inefficient processes and procedures in the communication amongst team members, non-responsive feedback mechanism, non -performing technical system etc … play a big role in non-productive teams.

We at GED focus on these internal processes and systems to help working team members the best of technical as well as infrastructural platforms to perform and improve the overall work experience in the organisation. By setting up the complete processes for interviews, recruitment, defining & measuring KPIs, etc…, We provide smooth operational assistance to startups as well as organisations to scale.

Capacity Building Service

Most of the startups or organisations focus on problems rather than giving more attention to its solution and that becomes the number one reason for failures which results in blame game amongst the team members even in top management and which ultimately spoils the momentum of growth.

Our team of experts play an important role here to design a mechanism where each and every team member feels self-motivated, energised, focused and contributes with their best abilities to make their team win and thus making a more productive organisation.

Building Relationships & Bonding

We all have an abundance of stories to tell and thereby getting every team member thinking, managing, talking, and appreciating quickly is another way to create a strong bond.

Many times, breaking the ice can often be the hardest thing to do when meeting people for the first time. These events have been tried and tested many times to make people comfortable in a new environment and that’s how it increases team participation graphs and greater results.

We help to make the journey more organized as standalone events to encourage each participant from imitating discussion to ensuring strong bonding to begin the relationship with.

Team Building Exercises for Startups

Mr Atit Purani has brought his two decades of experience of working in the industry and climbing the ladder of success reaching leadership. He will evaluate your company and team with a manageable SWOT analysis to develop a customized strategy and action-oriented measures.

Our strategies and activities will help you to build trust among your team, ensure better communication and increase confidence. He will address your team in training sessions and practice different techniques like games and brainstorming activities that allow your team to excel.

Drop-in your queries to discuss how we can help to build your team for your business growth.

GED’s ‘O’ Philosophy

Letter ‘O’ is a symbol of infinite and eternal power. As vocative, exclamatory or in emoji, ‘O’ represents strong feelings. ‘O’ through another lens, also is the magical ‘ZERO’. Zero is nothing and infinite; as adding ‘ZERO’ to any number – increases its value.

This simple, yet powerful; meaningful, yet magical letter inspires us. At GED, our work philosophy and approach are expressed with following ‘O’ words that capture our values.



Client's problems are our problems. We believe that problem solving begins with commitment. If problems are not known and not owned, solutions are elusive.

Out of Box

Solving problems demand alternative ideas. We know that the constraints or boundaries limit the possibilities as we seek creative solutions.


Solutions are not just about effectiveness but is also about efficiency. We strive to provide solutions that deliver more 'bang for the buck'.


Professional relationships are about giving solutions that are based on hard facts and transparent approach. Truth is bitter at times and we don't hesitate to bring it to our client's notice.

Thus, at GED, our values revolve around these four ‘O’s that imply owning the problem, using open mind to find creative solution that not just solves the problem but solves it within the limited resources based on objective data and not subjective biases. In other words, the four ‘O’s are about commitment, creativity, pragmatism and transparency that guide our work.