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The Five Enemies of Personal Growth You Should Dread and Remove

As a child, I remember being afraid of the dark. It would literally kill me to go into a dark room. Considering we lived in a slightly isolated location then, my fears increased with the silence in the neighborhood during after-hours. I often questioned myself- how long am I going to embark on this journey of fear? How long am I going to restrict myself the joys of going out in the dark because of my fear?

With time I started fearing a lot of other things, including failure. I would be disappointed if I scored less or knew less than others. I was never content and thus never really grew. My competition was with others and the discontentment just increased with time, leaving me irritated and angry.

I realised fear is my biggest enemy and it acts as an hindrance to my personal growth.
Time, age and experience later, I collected the five enemies of your life that obstruct your personal growth.

Here I will share my theories on what can hinder personal growth and how.

Enemies of personal growth



Even if you don’t agree,and call it not so much of an issue, it exists. Most of us have fallen prey to indifference, and it has become a major disease indeed. For instance, you don’t really want to know how to work your way through an issue or, how to literally solve it. You have a tendency to say, we will talk about it when we reach the point or, let’s just go with the flow. In some cases, this comes across as indifference, and you are actually trying to drift away from the problem. The better way of dealing with it is trying to identify if the problem can be solved and better way of dealing with the problem then showing indifference. The indifference towards problem will not help you drift away from the problem.


The second most fearful enemy of your personal growth is the inability to take decisions on the spot. Indecisions or fearful decision making can slow your progress. Just when you are supposed to own the world and get on with whatever decisions you are making, you slow down the process with your inability to take decisions, even when you have all facts in hand. I don’t say you have to go with impulses but, there are choices that you can easily take, and you know in your heart which choice you want to make. If you have that right, then the decisions should be easy. It is important to think through what you want, and how the decision will affect before taking one.


A bigger and worse enemy is doubt or skepticism. A lot of you have negative thoughts when you are planning something or initiating something. There is a doubt whether you will achieve what you set out to get or, what will happen when you are unable to achieve the goal. Well, the doubt can become a true issue. It can slow down your progress, and hinder your growth. There is no way of dealing with doubt then to remove it from its existence. If you feel the doubt when starting something new, start questioning the purpose and check your roadmap. There will be a certain confidence you will feel when you do that. Once the purpose and the plan are clear, the doubts will go off on its own, and you will feel stronger and better, while working towards your goal.


When people come to me, I always tell them that worry won’t dissolve any issue. If anything, it will just aggravate the matter in hand. I am not saying don’t worry at all, and let things take its course. What I am trying to say is that you should not overthink the matters, and stress yourself. It will ruin whatever you are trying to do, and will not help you in accomplishing the task at hand either. Worry can be quite an enemy, as it will take away everything from you, leaving no way of handling the problems.


Your final yet the most important thing to take into consideration with respect to personal growth is procrastination. Putting things for another day can cause a worrisome time for you as a person. It will not allow you to become successful, and in many ways will lead to issues too. We don’t intentionally put things away for another time but, there are times when we are too unwell or have issues back home. Instead of putting them away completely and then slogging away on a single day, try putting in some efforts each day so that on the last day, you don’t have to stress yourself out. Again procrastination reduces your chances of success too.

Summing up

It is important that you know your enemies in advance, and work towards eliminating them if you want a chance at success.

If you are envisioning personal growth and need help in envisioning success too, connect with me. I have been working with people towards establishing growth and success. You can email me your queries or we can have a complete discussion on phone, before the face-to-face meet and consultancy.

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