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Top 5 leadership skills : must have leadership skills to develop value

Think of a Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, and tell me what is the first thing that comes to you mind? They are successful leaders, and I am going to emphasize on the word leader here for a specific reason. When you work to get a particular task completed, it is not enough that you work on it; it is particularly important that you get someone to help you complete it. The way you get a group of people to work on different parts of the task and ensure each one gets it done within the stipulated time is the sign of a good leader.

When Amazon came into being, it was a new space and no one had thought that they don’t need to visit the store to buy books. They went from being an all books store to the pioneers of e-commerce. The vision of one man brought in a whole new space and technology. A leader brings to the world something new, adds value and helps deliver faster

I talked about leaders in the professional world but, leaders are needed even in personal tasks. Getting a marriage performed successfully or arranging a baby shower are just a few examples where you need a leader at the personal front.

How to be a good leader is the question though? For me, Here are top five ways to improve your leadership skills that make any person a good leader.

Top 5 leadership skills : must have leadership skills to develop value

» Communication skills:

Imagine a scenario where you are the lead of a project at your workplace. If you are unable to connect with this, imagine you are responsible for hosting a birthday party at home. It is impossible to complete this task alone and when you are working with others, you need to make sure you are understood. When you clearly explain what you expect from the person, they would deliver it immediately and chances of completing the task in time is high. However, if you don’t know what you expect and then attempt to explain it, chances are you don’t know how to say it and end up miscommunicating and causing a lot of confusion.

» Commitment:

It is important for the leader to be committed to the cause. For instance, if you want to change the world, it is important that you stay committed against all odds. In the process, you will get your hands dirty, and you might have to bear a lot of odds. Only a committed leader can attain the success they set out to achieve. Know your cause and understand what you aim to achieve. Figure out the roadmap, know the odds and the obstacles and stay prepared. A well planned person can be committed to the cause more as compared to the one without a plan.

» Creativity:

Finding innovative solutions to a complex problem and making sure it gets done in time is of essence. The leader in you will not look at the problems but will try to identify a possible solution that can solve your problem without any efforts. A mobile app to book taxis is an innovative approach, one that reduces the overall efforts of the rider. Similarly, you will need to identify the problems your audience has and approach it with a simple solution.

»  Delegation:

Knowing that not every activity and task within the work assigned can be done by you defines a true leader. You would see that every task needs to be delegated and the leader would know who is best for the task. As a leader, you need to identify the right people and this can be done when you observe them and learn their strengths. Watch them, stay with them and talk to them before you decide who can do what.

»  Quick decisions:

An efficient leader can make decisions quickly, without hesitating. They know what’s impulsive and what is quick. They can think on their toes. However, this comes with experience and you need to have an ample amount of knowledge of the work, people and environment before you can compel yourself to take decisions. Quick decisions does not mean you take one without thinking. You might need to go through all the points for the plan, check if it will work, sit on plan B and finally take the decisions. Make sure all data is available before you take a decision.

Summing up

Knowing what to do is different from taking it up and completing it. The leader will often take up responsibilities and act on it.

Identifying a true leader in your team or working your way up to becoming a leader is important. I have been working as a people’s person for a while and with my skills, have been working on identifying strengths and motivating people.

You can schedule and quick meeting with me to avail my team building program to identify a better team and work on improving your strengths.




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