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How to create exciting opportunities for you? Tips and tricks you ought to know

I was always told that the opportunity does not knock on your door twice. With time I realized, opportunities don’t really knock your door, unless you have been working on creating it. From job opportunities to real-world opportunities, it is important for you to attract them. Till you don’t show them what you have, how will people around you know if they should have you or not?

A regular incident that I would like to mention here. A woman was looking for a job. For a while, she simply marked the classifieds and applied to them with a simple line about her wanting the job and her qualifications. Her CV was also outdated. She never bothered putting in efforts and the employers never called her.

One such employer though sent an email stating why he refused to accept her. His reason was stated in one line- I don’t think you are looking for an opportunity.

The woman was shocked. She wrote back saying how can you say that. I have written to you and have been waiting for the opportunity. I have been looking for jobs, applying to them and still, you say this. What do you know of my ordeal to comment on it?

He replied “I don’t know your ordeal but, I don’t know your skills either. If I want to apply you I need to know you better and none of the two of things (read the letter and the CV) show me anything regarding your skills or experience in detail. He told her if she needs an opportunity, she has to look for it as though she means it.

When it struck her, she decided to revamp her CV and remodelled it to match her style. In a few days, she got the opportunity she was looking for.

This is an example that you would associate with because it generally happens to all of us. However, there is an incident, very personal to me, which I would like to share.

A walk down to memory lane

So, there was this one time, when I was still a junior, even after two years of slogging hard and working day in and out.

I felt very dissatisfied. My colleagues, who had joined in after me, were getting promoted, while I was still in the same position.

I decided it was time for me to talk to my manager. I went to his cabin and put forth my issue. I told him how I had put in longer hours to complete projects and everything. Yet, I was in the same position.

That’s when my manager told me, “Atit, you did not look at creating opportunities.” I was taken aback. I asked him, aren’t opportunities supposed to come your way, while you work hard. He told me, yes, they are supposed to, only if you know that the opportunity is for you and you want it.

He told me then how my colleagues decided to take up every opportunity to grow, that came their way, while I decided to stay within my comfort zone, and not take the risk. I wanted to grow but, I did not want to give up what I had, which is not how growth works.

He told me how every opportunity came my way was never looked upon as a good one, and I did not even want an opportunity that did not fit my criteria. Growth happens when you look at every opportunity as a challenge, and take it up. Every small opportunity manifests itself into the goal you aim to achieve.

That’s when I realized I have to keep creating opportunities until I reach my goal. For that, I need to sit back, analyze what is coming my way, and then look up the risk factors involved, and finally take the plunge.

Neither mine nor the story above can be defined as a miracle story. It is all about how you look at an opportunity. Here’s what I learned from that.

Here is how you can create new and exciting opportunities for you.

#1 Get your existence known

Yes, that indeed is the first step to getting towards a new opportunity. When you let people know of your existence, you are showing them the door where they are supposed to knock. Networking is an excellent way of creating new and better opportunities. You can always go to the networking event you have known for a while and get connected with people. That’s where you can tell people what you are looking for and what kind of opportunities you are open for. Meet the influential and your life is open to a number of opportunities. If you don’t want to go to an event, you can always look for influential people online via social media. The idea is to meet the right people if you want to create the right opportunities

#2 Move out of your comfort zone

If you want good opportunities to knock your door, it is important that you take the risk. There are times when a simple opportunity lies in that uncomfortable zone, one that you don’t want to venture. Well, it is time for you to venture that zone as well now. Reply to that Instagram contest post and win your chance to meet that influential person. You may not be comfortable with the idea but you have to.go on a skydiving trip and redefine your life by meeting like-minded people.

Take a chance and see what it brings with it. Opportunities are missed out when you refuse to move out of your comfort zone.

#3 Share your talent

Let people know why they should know you and give you that opportunity. Shout out loud about your skills and that one thing you want people to know about you. If you are an amazing swimmer and want to be a part of the championship, you ought to up your game and show it to the world. If you are a blogger, market your blog for other people to read it. Till you don’t show your skill, no one will know why they should give you an opportunity. The lady in the incident I discussed earlier went through this issue only and could not convert all the good opportunities as a result.

#4 Keep improving

It is important for you to keep improving your skills. Stagnation is the time when you lose all that you have and even lose out on some of the brilliant opportunities. For this, you need to keep tracking your progress, your skills and check for new avenues that you want to explore. Self-development will increase your chances of conversion. If you don’t get the opportunity, you will at least get the benefit of learning something new. New skills, new techniques and new growth radar will definitely work for you.

#5 Appreciation gets appreciated

When you want people to give you an opportunity, you also want people to offer you recognition for your skills and achievements. However, have you recognized them for their achievements? No! It is time to write to them acknowledging their achievements before you get to ask for opportunities. Everyone likes a little bit of appreciation. A word of kindness always spreads. Be genuine about your praise and make sure this time it is about them. Be specific too about what you are praising. If you are generic, it will not come across as genuine.

When it comes to getting exciting opportunities, you should also seek help from a mentor. They will be able to tell you what kind of career path you ought to take and what type of chances are essential for growth.

Summing up

It is important that you are out there in the open, waiting for opportunities if you want to convert. However, the number of risks you take, the amount of time you spend on sharing your skills properly and upgrading your self-image will help you win that opportunity. Opportunities are created by many but you will have to work hard if you want to create a particular opportunity for yourself.

If you are looking for ways to increase your self worth or want to achieve more, then connect with me via phone or email. I might be able to help you with the right measures.

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