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Mind your head before you mind your business – Ways to deal with business owner anxiety due to COVID-19

Are your thoughts controlling your behavior? 

As we all are going through the difficult time of lockdown with the recent threat of spreading virus, I urge you all to ask this question to yourself. 

Reason? With most of us being stuck in our homes doing nothing, our mind has very few things to distract itself thus driving our thoughts towards negativity and overthinking. As our minds have an extreme power to make things happen with our thoughts, this negativity could turn out to be a downside affecting the mental health of people.

Let me share with you my recent experience that made me believe that getting more time during quarantine is making people anxious and feeding their minds with wrong thoughts.

An incidence from yesterday 

Quarantine has given me much time to catch up with my friends, in order to relive our old times we all had a conference call where we discussed how being stuck at home felt to us and also about the situations going around the world.

We all being entrepreneurs or business owners, came to a point where we started discussing about the business, as our conversations started molding towards a different aspect of our day to day lives, I realized how being at home has made many of my friends’ attitudes a little negative.

Yes, the people who always used to talk about growth and opportunities are now contemplating how unarmed they feel being locked down. The small business owner anxiety and the stress of the business outcomes after the lockdowns get over are making them restless, eventually affecting their mental health.

This gave me a clear sign of the need for the CHANGE IN MINDSET of people, especially the businessman to take back the control over the vibes they were surrounding themselves. 

So here are some of my ways how I deal with my thoughts during the lockdown to keep my mind away from the anxiety and uncertainties.

  • Keep yourself occupied 

An empty mind is a home to negative thoughts, so never, I repeat never keep your mind free to make it a space to enter the negativity. Looking around carefully you will find many things that would help you keep engaged. Talking about the small business owner’s, it’s an opportunity for you to train your mind for such temporary conditions.

Make a schedule for your day by defining the activities that you are planning to do throughout the day, wake up early and start your day as normal. Make sure you complete your to-do list by the end of the day. Having a plan will help your mind remain active and give purpose to live and function during your quarantine. List the activities that are pending due to your everyday schedule and start working on them every day.

  •  Stop and seek a fresh perspective 

Before you fall into the negative spiral of thoughts, it’s very important to stop and rethink about the direction your mind is taking you. Being a business owner, it’s a very obvious thing that the thoughts about your business and its future ought to come, in fact, never leave you.

Many of the entrepreneurs think that the walls are closing in on them, but this is when they require a third eye view to show them where they are exactly stuck. Having a fresh view and idea about the situations can help the people in difficulties find the way to get out of it, but this is only possible if the concerned person shares their difficulties with someone who’s well experienced in the respective field.

Here I am not just talking about the business or other financial problems, but for any problem concerned with anxiety or mental health, talking about it openly with a mentor or a consultant is a great solution to get things right faster.

  • Take a break from social media and news 

As we are seeing this from many days, there is no place in the world where the buzz of COVID-19 outbreak is not found. From the national to international news reports to local newspapers everywhere people are being greatly influenced by the numbers presented by these sources. Every social media platform and even the people around has just one topic to talk about and that is a coronavirus and its effects. 

This overexposure to this news and information is making people think about it every single second thus spreading the fear among them instead of awareness. In order to keep your mind away from such negative energies, try to cut off from these sources for a while, put them off and if you want to get any update believe only the trusted sources. Tell people around you to stop for a while and talk about something else, otherwise it would gradually affect everyone around mentally.

  • The way you make yourself feel MATTERS 

Amidst all the negativities of the world, the only person who can make you feel better is yourself. Getting more time alone does lead your mind towards the thoughts of anxiety, but keeping yourself away from such feelings totally depends on your efforts. 

Take the charge over your thoughts, do the things that make you feel positive at least once in a day. Spend some time taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Exercise, meditate, eat healthy, take some fresh air, invest time to develop your knowledge. Help your child with a painting, cook for yourself, sit with your old parents, help a poor or just dial a call to your friend, there is much more to do than worrying about the things that are not in your control.

Do small things that help you connect with people as by making your surroundings and the people happy would create a positive environment to keep everyone mentally healthy.

Summing Up

The world is facing a lot of physical health issues, but it’s very important for all of us to keep up our mental peace to get uplifted from the current scenarios. Well, it’s not always necessary that transformations are for bad or will take to worse, it might also lead to something that would place things in a better position. 

It’s time when we all should spread the positive vibes in us as there are many businesses getting affected and their owners being anxious about the economic downfalls. To all those entrepreneurs friends out there, there is just one thing I would like to tell you and that is “Unexpected situations in business comes with anxiety but there are always some hidden opportunities waiting for you to recognize them”.

If you are finding it difficult to trace your path out of this hurdle, I can be your escort through your journey to success. Share your problems or queries with me via email or book your 30 min free consultation by signing up to my startup growth program. So tap below to get started!