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Do you want to expand your business to another city? Here’s why Checking resources is important

As a startup, you are constantly dreaming of scaling your business and reaching out to more customers. To attain this goal, you need to constantly work on expansion plans, know where you stand at the moment, and what you need to attain to achieve the said goal.

Apart from redefining your mission or vision statements, the resource check is an essential part too. Let me go back in time to help you understand why we are going to talk about the importance of a resource check prior to expansion.

I was working with this company that was started out with the sole aim of improving customer experience through their products. After reaching out to domestic customers, we planned to expand to international customers as well. We started pitching to international clients, and with our experience and portfolio, we took several aboard our client list. However, before expanding we forgot to check on our actual resource availability and what we are currently working on. So, when we took up new projects, we suddenly realized a resource crunch, and the delivery suffered majorly. During the initial stages of expansion, we lost quite a few of our clients and realized how badly we were performing.

We realized just a segment of the importance of resource check then. However, there is quite a lot behind doing a good resource check before you expand your startup or small business so that you are quite ahead on delivery.

  • Resource management made easy

A thorough check and planning into the resources help you manage the available resources effectively. As a small business, you are still earning the cost, and have nowhere reached the profits that you had planned. It is impossible to hire a specialist for all the tasks that you have to handle at the beginning. The reason being you might need to pay out hefty salaries, something that you are not even earning. You need people who are experts with handling multiple tasks at the same time, without actual multitasking. In the beginning, you will hire just a few people, which means you simply need to work on gaining projects that keep the few people busy and give you the money you are planning to earn. Make sure you don’t load your resources with too many projects right at the start. Plan the utilization of your resources, which will be more useful as you start expanding your company. You can check on the resource time and efforts that go into a single project, and start figuring out how much they can handle at a go. When need be, you can always add up resources to the project. With this resource management, wherein you are actually planning the work for your resources, you can even check into the work that can be allotted to a particular resource, and how well they would perform. This will save you a lot of time worrying about how to tell the client regarding delivery issues, as there would be none.

  • Resource scaling is defined early on

When you are a small business, onto expansion plans, you obviously need to scale up your resources as well. You now need to know when to scale and how best to scale them. A resource check and thorough planning, according to me, helps you identify when you need to scale up the resources available to you, and how best you can do it. As you expand, like we did with the international clients, you are obviously looking at a bigger market to serve. The deadlines or the quality cannot be compromised with the expansion plans, which means you need more hands on the table to complete the work. There are specific seasons when you have more work to honor and you simply cannot avoid. The resource planning helps the small businesses know if they should outsource some work or, should they plan to hire more resources in-house. It will also help them know whether the workload is for a short time or for a longer period. The anticipation of expansion and knowledge that you would need more hands on the table helps you plan efficiently.

  • Helps you understand the skills you need

A thorough resource planning and an effective understanding of the projects on hand helps you understand the skillset that you need to complete a task in hand. You cannot always hire skilled people to your team. Sometimes the increase in workload for a particular skill set is temporary, and hiring someone permanent means you need to get in more projects of the same kind. With resource check, you will know which skills require permanent resources, and which ones can be handled through freelancers. For instance, when we had a lot of PHP projects coming in, we decided to hire a team for the PHP development work. However, with a few projects, we realized it was better and more effective if we just outsourced, and did not hire permanent members. This type of planning saves a lot of hiring efforts and costs. You have a hiring plan in place, which helps determine who to add to the team.

  • Helps give away deadlines for the project

When you are planning resources for the project, then you need to take into account the skills, the availability and how long they take to complete a task. This way you can work out the deadlines for a particular project. The business owners have better control over the processes when they are aware of the resources being used for a project, and the kind of project load they have at the moment. This will also help the businesses understand where they are wasting more time and money, and where they can afford to spend a little more. The deliveries get better when you have a good resource plan, and you have a bird’s eye view into how the whole project is being planned from your end, and what are the defined milestones.

Summing up

There are various resource planning tools available in the market. However, it is important that you are aware of what exactly you need to do to perform a thorough resource check and what all it takes to plan your resources ahead.

If you want to give your small business a good resource check plan, connect with me via email or phone. With my years of experience in planning and managing resources, I can surely help you with a good resource check and ideal resource management plan.

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