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Trademark Registration

Why Is Trademark Registration An Essential Element for Business?

Trademark Registration is the process of embarking your territory and protecting your brand from identity theft or your competitors copying your work. Trademarks are in the forms of a symbol, a name, a design, a slogan, or a word.

Our team ensures an effortless process with utmost professionalism and guidance till the end and provides you with all the legal formalities.

On frontal grounds, three basic symbols showcase that your company has been trademarked i.e. ™ – Trademark, ® – Registered Trademark, © – Copyright.

The Process Of Trademark Registration

Trademark Search

Filling Trademark Application



Registration Certificate



For any startup or budding enterprise the cost is 4,550 while for all the rest of the
organizations the cost is 9,000. Also, an attorney charges somewhere around 3,500/- per application.

It takes from about 12 to 18 months for the entire process to finish, depending on the flow of the process, in case of any objections, it might take longer until the case is settled.

The validity of a trademark is up to 10 years, the process of renewal is then supposed to be carried out the post that period.

Well, no. It is not mandatory on government grounds but it builds goodwill of the company in the market and protects your brand too.

Since 2013, when India became a part of the international treaty for trademarks, Indian trademarks are accepted globally, all you need to fill in an application and a set of fees.

Note: The Consultation and Professional fees will be separately charged by GED.