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A recent experience on delivering happiness

I am currently traveling in the United States of America. I have always talked about incidents in the past, and today would love to share an incident from the present that changed my thought process completely.

I walked into this store called KOHL’s in Milwaukee City, Wisconsin State, USA. While walking through the different sections, I fell for these jeans, saw it was on discount and bought it immediately. After getting billed for the same, I realized that the 20% discount mentioned at the store was not on the jeans. I told this to a friend of mine, who was with me, and he decided to take up the matter to the store manager.

That’s when we experienced something that we have never experienced elsewhere. After my friend told the store manager about how I thought the discount mentioned was on the jeans, and when it was billed I got to know it was not on that particular product, the store manager immediately realized what had happened. The board communicated a wrong message, which ultimately made me purchase the product. The store manager immediately offered a 20% discount on the jeans, and delivered happiness.

I kept thinking why would someone do it? It is after all a loss for the store. However, I realized that the immediate loss was not really his concern. He wanted to ensure complete customer satisfaction so that when I walk out of the store, I don’t feel cheated, and I say positive things about the store to the people outside.

For some, it is never about the loss they feel immediately but, all about making the customer feel at home, and acknowledging the mistake they may have made.

This incident helped me think about what miscommunication feels like, and what we can do to avoid such incidents in the future.

The Fault in our Communication

If I ring back this incident, I realize that a lot of us tend to put things up the wrong way, and don’t like owning it up.

What was different about this communication?

  • The store manager, when told about the incident, immediately accepted his mistake, and realized how the message was being taken by the people visiting the store.
  • He not only offered the discount, but also made up for the small inconvenience that was caused to the buyer in the process of being billed for the product without the discount.

Our communication is not always smooth but, whether you are in a service industry or, in the product industry, it is important that you communicate properly, and ensure none of your communication is misunderstood.

If you just say a simple sorry, and make up for your miscommunication, you are guaranteed with a true customer. We don’t often accept this mistake or, mention that it was part of our miscommunication. We try to claim that the mistake was on the other person’s end that they did not ask us or they assumed what was written.

However, a simple acceptance of the mistake can get you some faithful people around you.

While this did teach me a thing or two about delivering happiness, there are a few things you an do if you aim to deliver happiness to the people around you in your professional and personal lives.

Delivering Happiness: The Path to Purpose and Loyalty

  • Communicate properly with the people around you is probably the first and most effective way of delivering happiness. Had we been told right at the start what the 20% discount was on then probably we would never have been disturbed in the first place. Tell the customer or, in case of your personal life, the person who you are with, what to expect from you. once the expectations are communicated, there are fewer chances of unhappiness around you.
  • Make delivering happiness a culture for your company or a habit in your personal life. You may not always communicate the right things but, if you did not do it, make sure you say so, and accept your mistake. The culture, within your personal and professional life should indicate that you made the other person’s happiness your priority. Like a simple sorry in case of inconvenience being delivered or, offering a compensation in case you have made someone unhappy can make up for all the issues that you did create in the first place by miscommunicating
  • Resolving the other person’s issue should be your motto. In this case, my issue of discount was resolved immediately, and I walked out of the door as a satisfied person. This is what you need to train yourself to do, whether in personal or professional capacity. Always remember, your ultimate goal is to ensure that happiness is being delivered to the other person in question.
  • Take customer feedback positively. They mean to help you grow as a business. when someone points out your mistake, instead of taking it the wrong way, make sure to thank them for the feedback, and ensure you have taken the measures to eradicate the issue.

Summing up

From my simple experience while travelling in the United States of America, I realized how important creating and delivering happiness is for the success and growth of your company. When the person around you is happy, it automatically resonates in your life, in terms of purpose, loyalty or growth and success.

If you have questions regarding delivering happiness or, want to connect with me to discuss ideas on how you can deliver happiness to the people around you, then connect with me via email or phone.

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