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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Give Me More Than 24 Hours

There was a time in my life when every day was a struggle. Juggling between my duties as a professional and towards my family, I used to feel incomplete, dissatisfied and even discouraged. I used to believe I couldn’t handle things myself. I would keep telling everyone that they don’t understand my struggles. I would often get irritated at small things.

Does this sound familiar to you too? Do you also go through something similar? I called the “give me a longer day” syndrome.

I have been at my wits end several times and had even cribbed about wanting a longer day. The sad part of the whole thing is that a longer day does not mean you will complete the task. It simply means you get more time to showcase your inefficiencies.

If you keep saying “that’s not enough time in a day” then, here is something that I have prepared just for you.

Be clear about your tasks

Start your day with what you want to accomplish in the entire day. This does not mean you put in too many tasks and prepare a list of unrealistic goals for the day. Say you have a deadline during the day, then you have to mention how many hours you will take to finish that task. When you don’t have, your tasks listed out, at least a day prior to when you start working on it, then you won’t be able to start your day with clarity. Worse still, you will procrastinate unnecessarily.

According to me, you should prepare your priority and task list a day before. You should go to bed only after you have completed the task list preparation.

Multitasking: never a good option

A lot of employers claim “he/she is a good multi-tasker”. What we have been acknowledging as a strength is actually not one. You will see that a multitasker will not get the things done on time or, they won’t be able to focus on a single task at a time. what happens, as a result, is poor quality of work, and long hours spent completing that one task assigned to them.
In reality, you ought to take up one task at a time, finish it, and then move on to the next task. You may think doing this will lead to a longer day but, when you actually work on a single task at a time, you are actually spending less hours on that task, and will be able to get it done with ease. In fact, your efficiency increases as a result of the concentrated on the tasks.

Bunch a few tasks

If you believe they are related in some way, then you should bunch the tasks and time them together. This way you will be saving a lot of time that goes into planning and moving from one task to another. The productivity increases when you do related tasks at the same time, and you get more things accomplished as a result. The reason being, you are in the state of mind to finish the tasks related to each other, and things work for you.

Good planning is the key

Imagine you begin a day with just the task list and no prioritization. You will just end up doing the tasks and will not be able to complete the important ones on time. in fact, getting things accomplished is not easy if you have not planned the tasks well.

Scheduling your tasks and planning them properly should help you get the best outcomes. For instance, if you have a series of tasks planned for the day, then schedule the time, have a planner on and mark the time you will take to accomplish the task. Plan your day as per the timings. Say at 2 you have a meeting, and at 1 you will have lunch. Make sure you have marked these details with the time on the planner. In fact, you should also mention the number of hours you will take to finish the task, this will help you plan the whole day properly and give you some personal time.

Learn to say no

There are instances when you have had a prolonged day because you were doing someone else’s tasks or helping them. at some point, your work suffers as a result. Make sure you ask people who want help to come at a specific time. attend to all the woes at that hour, thus giving you the time to complete your tasks. If you don’t have the capacity to take up more tasks or help your colleague with the same, make sure you say NO. if you don’t learn the art of saying NO, you will end up doing everything by yourself.

Cut down social media time

Today we are running for more time because we are spending a lot of time on social media. You are either busy scrolling through the pages on Facebook or stuck to Instagram to see other’s social lives. While it is ok to spend time on social media, make sure you don’t spend an entire hour or two just keeping up with the social life of others. you should have a defined time when you will use the social media and should stay away during the other hours.

Take a good amount of rest

An early riser who has planned their day effectively can get the tasks done easily. Make sure you are well rested, which means you should go to sleep early and have a good 6-8 hours of sleep. During the day, make time for power naps, as they will give you the stamina to face the day again.

Summing up

Productive people have plans and manage their time in a way that they have both personal and professional time. they don’t let either suffer as a result. You will see them meeting friends and accomplishing day tasks at office with ease.

For this, you need to know how to handle time perfectly. I have aced the department with my thorough approach towards work and managing the different projects simultaneously.

If you need help with approaching the day when tied up with work and want me to help you with time management, then connect with me via email or phone.

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