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Why do most Uber clone apps and businesses do not succeed like original Uber?

Ever imagined why most app clones fail when their original counterparts work so well?

Looking at Uber’s ongoing success many new entrepreneurs jumped into similar taxi service businesses and went for developing Uber clone apps. But to their despair, their ride-sharing apps like Uber could not succeed like the original Uber app.

It is human tendency to follow the things that are tasting success and do something similar hoping to be successful. But I have often seen people fail while trying to copy others.

I am into the mobile app domain from the time of its inception. In my role as CTO in one of my organizations, I have handled many ride-hailing project escalations and found that just having the clone or copy never works in the world of competition. There needs to be something unique about every project/product to make it successful. Later, we became one of the best app development companies to deliver taxi apps like Uber.

Eventually, we understood that to sustain in the market, we need to present something new and fresh that interests the users.

I believe checking out the fact sheets and strategies behind Uber’s success before developing an app like Uber is the most crucial step for mobile app entrepreneurs. To avoid this type of major failure I emphasize it in my startup growth program.




To make you better understand what keeps you behind, let me explain the reasons behind Uber’s success that I have studied deeply while delivering successful ride-hailing apps.

Why is Uber successful?

  • Uber was a revolution. It started with the real-life problem of two friends who were unable to catch a cab on a winter night. During its early years, it has faced a lot of opposition from the government and the public as well. But even after facing losses the founders never gave up on their dream of disrupting the way of public transport. They have faced tough competition from Lyft taxi in the US but they still kept going with one vision in mind – to succeed.
  • They kept on updating the business model by introducing new services like ride-sharing, uber outstation booking, uber for x and jump bikes and changing the pricing model through their app. They kept the needs of their users as the number 1 priority and went ahead with the tough decisions with the business.
  • Like every other startup, the company has also faced internal conflicts and problems before becoming an IPO. The worst they could face was a scandal that came to haunt both the company and its CEO. But, the company gathered itself together even after this severe blow as they were intentional about the company’s values and culture.
  • They know how to keep their drivers. Well, when you are a ride-hailing giant, your drivers are your most important assets. The company came up with the decision of not keeping brilliant jerks. Instead, they tried to change their culture and fixed their troubled relationship with the drivers. They are even thinking of investing more in the driver experiences and treat the drivers more humanely.
  • Uber’s reforms show the dynamic ways companies are managing workers between the rise of the freelance-based “gig economy.” The Uber drivers are formally independent business owners and not the employees with set schedules. This enables Uber to reduce labor costs but now it cannot force the drivers. Uber came up with excellent psychological inducements and other methods discovered by social science to turn when, where and how long drivers work to tackle the existing issue and maintain efficiency in its system.
  • Last but not least, Uber has always kept up with the ever-changing technology and provided great updates with its app to keep users engaged.

After learning how Uber has tackled its business, let me throw some light over what kind of mobile apps should startups prefer for their business.

  • Solution-oriented Approach – In my whole career, I have learned that people tend to appreciate finding solutions for existing issues. This being the reason, here, in this case, the app should be designed to solve the actual user problems like booking a ride or tracking a taxi or even sharing their rides and getting them some real-life solutions. The app should also be helpful in getting you various solutions related to your business like being accessible to customers, advertising and earning revenues.
  • An app that focuses on the core features of your business – Your mobile app should be clean and focused on just the essential features appreciated by your users. They should have a cluster of useless features to irritate the customers. Basically, user experience is the key.
  • Value addition to the customers – Users need something useful and time-saving. So, if you carefully choose a way to offer them value, you will automatically find a way to draw them to your app. By providing valuable content, you encourage user loyalty which in turn is beneficial for your business.
  • Simpler life for customers – Providing your users with a particular path to follow instead of going haphazard makes things easier for them. The more convenience you provide your users with, the more they will tend to stick with your app.
  • Technology – While developing an app for your business it is necessary to choose the right technology for the product which makes it robust, reliable and more importantly scalable considering the futuristic tech stack for your business and users. Go for cross-platform development to allow your Android and Apple users to access the ride-hailing app. Uber-app scripts might not be very useful if they are not according to the services that you provide, So, I would recommend going for a customizable solution.

The mobile app development company that you choose must provide you end-to-end solutions at every stage of your business.

Just developing  uber clone app is not enough- Business always about the team

An app represents your business on a smartphone, So, you need to know and mark certain values and principles to follow diligently by your team and implement them truly. Let the team understand the importance of growth, learning and being passionate about work. Teach them supporting each other and enjoying working. Understand, change is the only constant. So, accept challenges and push your boundaries to do better and compete with yourself.

Once you start following these principles, they will be automatically reflected in your Uber-like app to give it one of its kind touches once you choose the right mobile app development partner.

User engagement is Everything

Going for mobile app development is essential in the world of digitalization. But, having an app that can provide user engagement to keep them loyal is what makes your business successful. As a growing company, you and your team should learn things from the successful IPO and grab the opportunities to scale better.

We at GED provide a team-building and startup growth program that can help startups grow into bigger space. Through this program, I will contribute my experience for you to understand the specific requirements that companies should cater to, while developing mobile apps. I can help them to find better options for technology partners and have thriving mobile apps for their startups as well as managing their teams to achieve victory in their business.



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