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Unlearn to Learn: Things that will improve customer experience

I had learnt in the past that customer is the king. For a long time, my business mantra remained that, and I spent half my time evolving on this mantra. However, I realized that when I kept the customer at the centre of everything, it definitely ruined some part of the corporate ecosystem. I had to unlearn this mantra and test various other theories, before I realized that to make the customer happy, you need to keep your employees happy. For this, you needed to have a lot of good employee engagement programs.

This is just one aspect of unlearning that helps you learn more. There are many things that make you successful.

You may ask me why unlearning is important. For one, whatever you have been taught till now may or may not be useful in the modern world. The supposed theory of being customer-centric and ruling out the employees or internal engagement is a farce for the modern world, which thrives on giving both equal importance.

Let’s understand the importance of unlearning in the modern world.

Why unlearning is important?

⦁ When you unlearn certain things, you are accepting the changes that have occurred in the system. For instance, years back customer experience was dependent on how the salesmen met their demands in real life. However, today customer experience depends on how businesses meet the customers demands in real time. With changing channels and more real-time methods of communication coming up, it has become important for the customers to get answers immediately from the businesses. If you have been living with traditional means of communication, then it is probably time you change it. You need to move ahead with the time.

⦁ The rules of the game have changed. From the time customer expectations were prevalent to this date, the way the customer’s expectations are met, and how the customer experience has evolved has come a long way. You cannot use the same old rules to take charge of the customer’s experience. You have to mould to the new methods and techniques. However, it is impossible to do that without unlearning what you have learnt till now. Whatever your marketing text books have taught you need to be unlearnt so that you can learn what the real people are ready to teach you.

⦁ The importance of feedback and its role in customer experience has become more refined. Earlier, customer feedback was sought but, it was limited to a group of customers or a certain batch. You just could not go about asking everyone for feedback. With emails and social media, things have changed. You need to adopt these mediums to get feedback on your product or service, and ensure you work on the feedback. Today, the customer does not provide feedback just for the sake of it. They really want to improve your services, and they expect you to listen to them. The value of feedback is high in the modern world. If you have not taken it seriously till now, then it is time for you to do so.

How to enhance customer experience?

Now you know the importance of unlearning and how it helps improve customer experience. However, you are still working on strategies that will help you increase the customer engagement, and thus the experience.

Here are a few things that should help you with the same.

⦁ Always ask them what they don’t want before you begin with the question on what they want. You don’t want their experience to be ruined by offering them things that they are not looking for. If I were to give you an example, then irrelevant ads on YouTube can make you want to stop using the app. However, the app has come out with a way to skip ads, which makes the customer happy, and they don’t let go of using the app. Similarly, you need to read into the metrics that you have received for the business, and work on improving the same. Every single offer, product or service you give out has a reaction from the user. You need to study how the user reacts to them, and what they don’t really want from these. It will help improve the overall product.

⦁ Communication within and outside the business is important. If you want the customers to respect you, and come back to you, then you ought to make sure the communication is well defined and streamlined. A proactive method of communication, which includes all levels of people is important for the success of your business. if you want, use the social media tools as well as other communication tools to keep up with customer’s preferences, their interests and even their issues. You will also realize how to personalize the products or services for the customers if you have a proper communication channel, well-defined for the end users of your products or services.

⦁ Security within the different channels is important. The customers are providing you with details that are personal to them. if you don’t have proper security provision in the channels used to communicate with the customers, they may experience breach of privacy, which may ruin their experience. You need to incorporate security at the best possible level, which can impact customer experience positively.

⦁ When you have a clear focus and an understanding of your customer’s journey, then it becomes easier for you to map the customer experience strategy into your marketing strategy. it is important that you conduct a complete mapping of the customer’s buying and awareness journey across your business so that you can deliver the appropriate and personalized customer experience strategy that will enhance engagement and lead to a satisfied customer.

Summing up

Learning and unlearning go together if you want to map the customer’s journey and incorporate their feedback to enhance customer engagement and improve their experience. You need to know what new digital channels are available and how customers prefer to communicate in today’s times. You need to understand what customers consider as trouble, and what is considered to be important to them.

In an attempt to improve customer experience, you need to enhance communication and other standards of your company. Connect with me via email or phone, and let me help you unleash the hidden potential of your company.

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