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The rise of M-Commerce

Introducing ourselves as a generation Z to the millennium, there are more terms in the internet world than we have in real life. 

For example, until a few years ago, we were versed in the term eCommerce, but now that there is more to that and the generation goes deeper in definition things, there is more than just eCommerce, as there is another platform called m-commerce.

What is the difference between eCommerce and mCommerce?

So, what is the real distinction between these two? Except for the initial difference of M and E in the word, they almost sound the same. Here’s the deal, eCommerce is a medium through which people can buy and sell products and services over the internet.

In the case of m-commerce, the thing here is that the thing is switched from the web to a completely mobile medium, where people can buy and sell goods and services from their mobile phone, which is why it is called mCommerce or M-commerce.

In a nutshell, mCommerce encompasses everything that can be done via mobile phone, from shopping to selling to paying bills and even banking services.

The mCommerce mediums

The platform provides a comprehensive experience, with majors ranging from shopping-shipping to billing-banking falling under mCommerce.

  • Money transactions
  • E-boarding passes and tickets.
  • Banking on the go.
  • in-app payments
  • customized services 
  • M-marketing
  • promotional mCoupons
  • mLoyalty cards

mCommerce variances 

  • mShopping

Considered one of the most convenient methods of online shopping, mShopping works similarly to eCommerce shopping, with the only difference being that it requires mobile and cellular data to complete the transaction. As per the current situation, mobile shopping is taking the lead because most users are more on mobile and it is easy for them to continue shopping from the device they have with them 24 hours a day. As a result, it is unsurprising to see the rise of mobile shopping over eCommerce.

  • mBanking

Whether it’s adding a credit card to the wallet or simply taking the time to add a one-time payment method option, mobile banking is very useful and overall very secure, as now that we have OTP generated and pattern locked, it’s easy to say that mobile banking is in full swing and leads the way in the digital payment method.

  • mPayment

There are already so many payment methods in the case of mobile banking to ensure that users get the best of mPayment, from Google Pay to Bhim, mobile payment has made a real difference in the last few years so users can pay for everything from electricity to gas bills all at once with a single device.

In an era where all mediums, from e-commerce to m-commerce, are competing for the best seat, the audience is the one who determines the worth of a medium, so it is fair to say that mCommerce is doing well for itself despite being the newest newcomer in town.

With that said, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages that mCommerce comes with.

Advantages of mCommerce 

The following are some advantages to being well-versed in and fully utilizing mCommerce.

  • Easy to use

Cell phone use has become so simple for all generations, from the younger generation of six years old to the older generation of sixty years old the use of technology associated with it, coming full-on guide with the medium, mCommerce ensures they keep necessary information so that it can be easily understood by the user.

  • Improved User Experience

The road ahead was already simple and smooth thanks to eCommerce; now, all of the facilities of e-commerce have been compressed in the mobile phone, resulting in a better user experience. eventually, with the assistance of all eCommerce services and the ease of mobile phone access, the m-commerce experience for users is made smoother.

  • Greater Possibilities for Growth

According to market experts, eCommerce has grown by nearly 50 percent since the year 2019, clearly nearly twice as fast. As the consumer base of e-commerce and m-commerce is almost the same, it is fair to say that the future of e-commerce is on the rise with the exponential growth of eCommerce.

  • Higher spending of Duration

As I previously stated, people spend the majority of their time with their mobile phones, so it’s easy to assume that if everything is just a touch away, why do they prefer a click over a touch? With the mass of eCommerce users belonging to the younger generation, it is natural to assume that mobile commerce is where they spend the majority of their time.

  • Various Payment Methods

Banks such as Bank of Baroda and ICICI, as well as major payment methods such as Google Pay and Paytm, are all on the hunt for mobile payment, as users make the most of it, whether by securing with OTP or simply making it more user secure. Making a transfer between two banks to receiving points on their credit cards via apps like CRED, the payment and the feature associated with it are becoming more popular.

  • Authentic Marketing

On the other hand, text messages have demonstrated how efficiently marketing can be done here, whether companies like Nykaa attach the link where users can directly shop or when the recharge scheme is coming to an end or simply send a broadcast message to the masses, mMarketing does wonders at a very reasonable rate.

  • Product viewpoint

From mobile banking to mobile applications, all of these and more pay more attention to how the world of mCommerce is taking by storm, so if you’re looking to build or invest in a great app or come up with even the simplest feature that can smoothen the life of people, go forth with it, as it will make a huge difference and will come in handy.

The following are some of the finest areas where mCommerce has already made a name for itself.

  • Financial m-commerce
  • M-commerce Retails
  • M-commerce Media & Entertainment
  • Mobile bookings & ticketing 
  • M-commerce Medicare 

In short, M-commerce is a wholesome package that provides the ultimate experience and all of these luxuries are just a phone call away, it’s easy to say now more than ever, that from websites to apps, the companies have centralized, whether by keeping the websites mobile friendly or launching the apps on mobile platforms such as Google Play and Apple’s app store, the impact of M-commerce is enormous.


It’s clear and understandable to say that the popularity and acceptance of mCommerce are on rising with all this and more amazing services, so we would advise you to always choose a medium that can grow both your business and your user base, and with M-commerce being the future or possibly the future, the medium will undoubtedly take the business on a massive growth path, so take a chance and go with M-commerce. We provide out-of-the-box services for out-of-the-box ideas; contact us to learn more about our services and count us in; wherever you get lost in the process of M-commerce, we’re just a delivery away.