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How can the evolving technology make remote working easier for any business?

The current situation of complete lock down due to the coronavirus outbreak has brought the world to a halt. People being stuck in their houses has adversely affected the business owners irrespective of their fields, whether its a restaurant owner or a customer service provider, the curfew-like situation has made them all drenched in the worry of the future business scenarios.

Looking at the changing terms in the business world and thinking about the business owners like me who are going through the same phase, I thought of researching some techniques that can help us all find the alternatives to make our business operative, though virtually, following the government announcements on Social Distancing.

Just as I started researching and reading some articles, I found that there are many advancements in the technology around the world that can be helpful for us to work remotely in the current market scenario.

Thinking about the present-day need of remote working by different industry business and with the intention of giving some ideas to flux their paused business operations, I have some techy ideas to share that can be proved to be a great help for your business, so keep reading, as by the end of the blog you might find your alternative option to function your business in this lock down scenario.

  • AR-based app for remote working

Well, talking about the remote working concept, it’s always thought to be possibly easy and convenient option for the IT industry workers, whose work is mostly connected through their laptop and shared documents, but have you thought about what if the remote work would be possible for people in the business where being physically present at the location is mandatory?

Like what about the people working as a customer service provider, electricians, field engineers and product experts who personally need to visualize the problems to suggest the right solution to it. With the AR technology and the remote assistance apps based on it, remote working for these industry workers now becomes a possibility.

These remote assistance apps allow the customers to share their surroundings with the expert at the distance, which with the feature of augmented reality would be able to directly interact with those surrounding through the screen by pointing to the area which they are talking and give the right guidance to the customer to solve their problems.

  • Virtual reality conferencing

No more flying to countries to meet your clients when you have an exciting option to meet them virtually at a different digital space. Yes, with the availability of technically advanced alternatives like VR conferencing the business involving the need of one-one meet with the customer can be technically resolved.

Virtual reality conferencing spaces are an innovative solution that is designed to enable your customers to have immensely interactive experiences through the 3D environment which gives the lively feel of real-time collaborative space to the remote working teams.

Using this conferencing tool makes you and your team to have an engaging experience with the virtual objects in the 3D environment as you will no longer be separated by different screens and would appear in the same shared space and surroundings.

  • Automatic speech recognition

With the increase in trend of remote working and the current need of the IT industry to work more efficiently in the lock down time, focusing more on the technology that helps the people working at distant to produce productive outputs in a lesser time is what a smarter business owner would like to opt for.

With the technology apps that use the voice recognition technique, the practice of delivering the work could be completely changed. The tools like this requires a microphone to dictate the respective tasks like an article, an idea, a report and the technology that converts “Speech to text” would transform these audios into usable text formats like .doc, .html, and .txt, which can then be easily exported and send to your respective client.

This saves a lot of time for the remote workers to write and format the documents while also giving them the freedom to work simultaneously on the other stuff.

  • The virtual doctors

What if a smartphone could save a life? Yes, remote working can also be possible for the medical stream, with some limited advantages. With the concept of virtual doctors getting in the air, the mobile apps are designed with some loaded information and automatic diagnosis techniques that can help the patient to get some basic treatment on demand.

The clinical officers working remotely will help those patients with the examination process and the reports with the photos are then uploaded to the cloud to be reviewed by the specialties sitting at the different locations of the world. They after seeing the reports prescribes the treatment and plans the further treatment process for the patient.

Thus these remote doctors with their knowledge and cooperation of patients can save lives through an application.

Summing Up

The advancement of technology has made people smarter to find their ways to make things work. Considering the benefits that the tech-savvy apps and gadgets bring to the remote workers and their business bottom lines, there is no sign of any business slowing down in the near future.

All you need is a vision to identify what kind of technology and gadgets can you use for your business to keep pace in the competitive world, especially when the situation of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a complete lock down to the world.

So if you are finding it difficult to recognize the best technology suite for your business, or are in a dilemma of how to make your business operative through remote working in the condition of lock down, I can help you get some idea with my experience and knowledge through my startup growth program which is designed to uplift the startup and to help them with their growth problems.

Let’s discuss how technology can permanently change the way the business around the world used to operate and how you could be the part of change and keep your business updated. Connect to us via email or sign up for the program by filling the form and we will help you plan the right moves for your business development.