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Create Best Wallpaper App For Android & iOS

Build High-Quality & Live Wallpapers App For Android and iOS Within 15 Days

Create a wallpaper app, for 5.20 billion mobile phone users in the world, that stores wallpapers in 4K & Full HD on cloud and wallpapers that fit every mobile device screen size.

Built-In Wallpaper Editor

Payment Integration to Support Freemium Model

Artist Partner Program

Multiple Wallpaper Categories

Automatic Wallpaper Recommendation

Don’t expect to see your wallpaper app in the ‘top 10’ list without these top features

No matter how beautiful and unique wallpapers you upload to your app, without a proper feature set, those wallpapers can never successfully engage the users.

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    The wallpaper app category is boundless, so does the wallpaper app ideas. Here are some trending ones.

    We are capable enough to create multiple types of best wallpaper apps or we can also bundle all types into a single app in addition to developing a sole-purpose app.

    Beautiful & Colourful Flower Wallpapers

    3D Wallpapers

    Wallpaper Maker

    Neon Wallpapers

    Emoji Wallpapers

    Live 4K Wallpapers

    AMOLED Wallpapers

    4K Abstract Art Wallpapers

    HD Wallpapers & Background

    Dual Screen Wallpapers

    A huge number of people are already on the hunt for a similar app you still have the thought of.

    We wouldn’t have written & published this entire page if there were no market possibilities for wallpaper apps! Here is what Google says about number of people looking for wallpaper apps.

    Best wallpaper apps’ user base revealed. (Wallpaper apps are as popular as taxi apps, bank apps, food delivery apps).

    The wallpaper app category is the most underrated app category. These are some best wallpaper apps that break your myth with its popularity.

    The wallpaper app is a tiny app with enormous earning opportunities.

    You must have thought about how free wallpaper apps make money. It is all about the art of converting free users to valuable users with these monetization strategies.


    Advertisements is the major revenue stream of wallpaper apps. Google AdMob lets you display targeted ads on your app and pays you based on many criteria and use activities.

    Freemium model:

    Under the freemium model, you offer some limited functionalities of the app and access to wallpaper libraries to users. To get full access, they need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

    In-app purchases:

    You can ask users to pay a fee for the premium wallpapers to use for commercial purposes. However, you’re required to pay a commission to the actual owners of those wallpapers.

    You’re not spending with us. You’re investing.

    We’re breaking stereotypes with our services beyond app development. We will help you from solving a single query to draft the entire business model and marketing plan.

    1-decade of app development experience

    20+ successful wallpaper apps developed and delivered

    Complimentary business, technical and legal consultations

    Startup-friendly pricing and company

    Calculate ROI with our Business Expert


    Ensuring the rights of each wallpaper and rights management are the major two challenges associated with the wallpaper app.

    The operating cost of the wallpaper app includes the cost of app maintenance, app marketing, artists’ commission and APIs fees.

    Cloud storage enhances availability, reliability and security. Most importantly, it makes the app faster and reduces your storage infrastructure cost dramatically.

    There is no fixed pricing. It depends on your requirements. However, we have a flexible pricing model to make sure that pricing does not define the future of your game-changing idea.

    We can discuss your requirements and cost details via call or email. Connect with us with the options available on our contact us page and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to discuss your queries.