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Ways to transform yourself towards a successful future

There were times in my life when I would sit and wonder if I could ever accomplish this, looking at a state in the future. I am sure a lot of you would relate to this sentiment. Sharing a story to make you understand it better.

I was a team leader, and would look at the management, and think, if I could ever step into their shoes. I would always love the way the management worked, and would stay inspired by the way the leadership activities were performed. However, I could never really think of that in my life until I went on and co-founded a startup.

I became a CTO, and was expected to take some tough decisions in my life. Did my life change drastically, just like that? No! I had to put in some work, and take some life changing decisions to make the transformation possible.

I remember how I used to put in hours into the gym to stay fit. It wasn’t because I wanted a lean body but, because I wanted a fit state of mind, which was only possible when I worked out. Similarly, I used to sit around with my team till late, I know I was wrong about the late hours, just so that I knew their state of mind and what they felt. Being a leader takes up a lot of energy, and I literally transformed myself to become that leader who would be loved by one and all.

I decided I would take decisions, but involve my people in those decisions, and I did just that when I co-founded my startup…

I could go on and on about how the journey transformed me, and how I transformed for the journey. However, that is not the purpose of writing this. If you have a goal, you need to transform from within to be able to achieve it. Here, I will take you through all the points that will help you transform for the better, and gain success.

1) Rework on your goals

As you progress in your life, your goals change. You cannot keep hooked on to the same goal for the entire life. Transformation begins with a change in the goals and the way you view your life. If your mission was to become a team lead at some point, and you have accomplished that, it is time to change your goal. That way, you wont be stagnant for a long time, and you will keep moving forward.

2) Accept and learn from your mistakes

Most of us fail in life because we believe we dont make any mistakes. That is the wrong attitude to carry forward. You should always acknowledge the mistakes you have made, and learn your lessons. Yes, you did make a mistake, so what? You have a lesson, and you know what you have to do in future. If you, instead of accepting, blame others for the same or look for ways to escape the blame, then you are actually doing wrong with your own self. It is ok to say sorry and never have to repeat the mistake. Those who admit to their mistakes have better chances of winning

3) Believe in what you do

A firm belief that you can do what you want to will get you to the doors of success. You should have belief that no one can knock down.

I was unsure of whether I will be able to achieve the task in the nick of time. I stressed a lot about that, and eventually could not accomplish it. I did not believe in myself, which eventually led to a lot of issues in the task, and I goofed up badly. My bosses obviously understood my situation, but the client could not, which is why I was not part of the task anymore. I realized that a little belief could have gotten me through. From the next task onwards, before planning, i did some self analysis, and realized what strengths I could apply to get the thing done. I started believing in myself and it worked for the better.

If you want to transform your life, you should believe that you can do it, and only then can you achieve the rewards.

4) Get inspired everyday

You cannot stay motivated every single day but, thats what you are supposed to do to attain success. The only way it is possible is by reading something inspiring, talking to people with the right energy levels or watching something inspirational. There are some real touching tales that you can listen to, which should inspire you.

My go-to is a book that reads positivity across all pages. I read books written by powerful leaders showcasing their times of struggle and how they managed to come through. I love reading inspirational poems when I am a little down.

Kids in my locality inspire me to do better each day. Just the other day, when I sat down to colour with this neighbour’s kid, I realized that the focus she has is much better than what I have ever had in my life. I was inspired by her focus to paint and create a small piece of art. The happiness on her face was truly motivating. I realized how small joys can make your day brighter.

5) Kick negativity out

Negative thoughts can be quite an issue. You cannot be successful with a heart filled with negativity. It is better if you fill your angry thoughts with something better and positive. Laugh when you are angry so that the anger dries away. Keep all the negative thoughts at bay, as they are responsible for an unsuccessful future.

I remember this video that showed how one minute of anger was converted into two hours of brooding and even more hours of non-productive work. I realized it is better to give up on anger, then to give up on the work that remains pending.

I kicked negativity out of the window and challenged myself to stay positive come what may. It is still a process but, I have definitely achieved quite a bit.

6) Dont give up on challenges

Challenges come to you in the path to success. Sometimes it is an emotional challenge, while other times it is either work related or family oriented challenges. If you want to be successful, nothing and no one can stop it. However, you need to be able to overcome these challenges. The only way to do that is by taking every challenge as an opportunity to grow and redefine yourself. It is this attitude that will benefit you in the long run.

7) Stay disciplined and organized

Every successful person is a result of the way they have organized their life and the kind of discipline they have brought into their life. It could be in the form of an everyday habit or just the simple point of keeping everything organized and ensuring you know what to expect next.

There are people who reply to their emails at a dedicated hour. They don’t even open their emails otherwise. This way, they keep distractions at bay. It is this discipline that serves to be their way of getting success.

8) Seek advice

You never cease to learn; it is an ongoing process. If you want to enter the dome of success, you ought to keep building yourself, and taking advice from others. When you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to ask, and get help. It will definitely help you build your future self.

Summing up

Transforming yourself is a continuous process, and the way you are today may not be how you perceive yourself in the future. As your goal changes, the transformations needed change. You need to continuously evolve if you want to attain success.

However, there are a few things that you need to do on a daily basis. Exercising, meditation, and reading something new ought to be part of your regular journey. It will benefit you in the long run.

If you want to move towards success, then I can be your guide, and help you imbibe some of the habits that are necessary. Connect with me for a quick consultation of how to revamp yourself or your organization, and set the momentum towards success.