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White-Label Food Delivery App vs Clone App vs Custom App – Which You should Select?

Do you have a fixed budget? 

Do you have a deadline to launch your food delivery app? 

Do you want only a certain number of features in your app? 

Do you get confused between different types of food delivery apps such as white-label, clone and custom app? 

If yes, you’re on the right page. 

GED can help you with

  • Creating Food Delivery App within your budget
  • Within a reasonable and realistic time-frame
  • MVP / Prototype App with navigational flow OR Any Custom Features

So, without any further ado, let’s start.

White-Label Food Delivery App vs Custom App vs Clone App

White-Label App Clone App Custom App 
Definition A white-label app is a ready-to-use app – provided by the app agency with your branding and some customization. A clone app is an app that is identical to some popular apps. For instance, the Zomato clone app has all features and UI same as the original Zomato app. App development agencies develop custom food delivery app from scratch. They define a unique feature set, unique UI, and unique workflow dedicatedly for only one app only. 
Pricing RangeA white-label food delivery app is the most affordable food delivery app you can get.A clone app is neither too expensive nor too affordable.A custom app cost depends on the customer’s need.
 Structure White-label solution providers either charge you a fixed amount or a monthly fee as per their SaaS plan. They charge you based on the time it requires to develop the clone app. Here also, they charge you based on actual hours it requires to develop your custom app from scratch.
App Delivery TimeSince developers only need to do basic customizable in an already developed app, it takes only around a week to deliver your app. Developers will take somewhere around 30 days to deliver you the clone app. Developers will take more than 90 days to deliver you the custom app. 
Source Code Ownership You don’t own the source code. To own it, you have to pay extra. You own the source code but it ultimately depends on the app agency. They might charge you extra if you ask for ownership of the source code.  You will be the only owner of the source code as your app has been delicately developed for you only. 
Common Features It is always equipped with market-friendly features that fit all markets and user groups. It is also armed with all common and basic features – similar to the original app. Needless to say that the custom app accommodates all common features + the features you ask for. 
Advanced Features It lacks advanced features. However, you can pay extra and app agencies can do it for you. A clone app should have all features same as the original app. But clone apps many times lack advanced features of the original apps. It does have all the advanced features + the advanced features you ask for. 
App Maintenance Since you don’t have code ownership, you always need to seek help from the owner app agency to update and maintain the app. If you have code ownership, you can update or maintain the app with your own technical team or hire some other team. But not all app agencies give you app ownership of the clone app. The custom app development company provides you free service for at least 3 months to update and maintain the app. (However, it depends on them.)
Business Consulting Not all companies providing white-label food delivery app give you free business consulting. Here also, not many of them provide you free consulting to eliminate your business challenges. They provide you multiple business consulting sessions without charging anything. 

Hope, you now have an idea of the top differences between white-label food delivery app, clone app & custom app and how these apps influence your business, budget and deadlines.

If you still have doubts, the following section will solve it.


When should you choose a white-label food delivery app?

  • When you want to launch the app within 15 days.
  • When you are jumping into the food delivery market for the first time.
  • When you are planning to launch your service in less than 5 small cities.
  • When you are planning to only hire 2-20 delivery drivers.
  • When you are planning to start a low-scale cloud kitchen with only
  • one restaurant brand or menu.

When should you choose a clone food delivery app?

  • When you want to launch the app within 45 days.
  • When you have prior experience in the restaurant industry.
  • When you are planning to launch your service in larger areas of multiple cities – but not more than 10 cities.
  • When you are planning to only hire 5-30 delivery drivers.
  • When you are planning to start a medium-scale cloud kitchen with
  • less than 3 restaurant brands or menus.

Note: “Clone” means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

When you should choose a custom food delivery app?

  • When you have long-term plans and no hurry to launch the app in the market.
  • When you have exceptional prior experience in the restaurant and food handling industry.
  • When you are planning to launch your food delivery service in multiple large localities of large cities.
  • When you want to adopt a gig economy for delivery drivers.
  • When you are planning to start a large-scale cloud kitchen with 5+ restaurant brands or menus.


If you want to start an online food delivery business while continuing your job:

You should go for a white-label food delivery app. Because….

  • It comes within your budget.
  • You will receive it within 2 weeks.
  • You don’t have to coordinate much with the app agency.
  • You don’t have to plan the app much as it is already developed.
  • You are not taking any big financial risk.

If you are running a small bakery shop:

You should go for a white-label food delivery app. Because….

  • It costs you very little.
  • It has enough basic features to fulfill your needs.
  • You can run your online bakery business seamlessly in a small town or locality with a white-label app.
  • You can quickly cover the little capital investment.

If you are running a well-established restaurant:

You should go for a custom food delivery app. Because ….

  • You might need a unique solution that a white-label and clone app fails to deliver.
  • You might need to run a business in Zomato’s way or start a medium-large scale cloud kitchen.
  • You do have enough capital to develop a custom food delivery app that is future-proof and capable of taking your established business to the next level.
  • With a custom app, you receive the flexibility to explore more markets.

If you are an entrepreneur jumping into the restaurant industry for the first time with long-term goals:

You should not go for any of the app types we discussed. Instead, you should go for MVP app development. Because ….

  • An MVP food delivery app costs you as much as a white-label food delivery app and less than a clone app.
  • An MVP app addresses your unique needs and market challenges.
  • It is developed delicately for you based on your custom workflows and market.
  • It lets you validate your idea and test the market without putting in more effort, money and risk.
  • Once you learn the market, you can add more features into your app and take it to the next level gradually but successfully.

Be it white-label, clone, custom or MVP – we have the ultimate master-ship in food delivery app for the Indian market

GED is an Indian startup-focused app development agency.

We work as your CTO, CMO and legal advisor to first develop the app and later launch it in the market successfully.

From consultation to company registration to app development, launching and marketing, we ease your entire startup journey.

We have the ultimate mastership in developing clone, custom and MVP food delivery apps based on your needs and budget.

Our pricing for a full-proof food delivery app which includes different apps for users, restaurants and delivery drivers is starting from 75K INR to 100K INR which depends on custom features and flow of the app.

We also provide a white-label food delivery app.

We don’t insist you select the type of food delivery app now. Because we provide free business consultation where you will get data-centric answers to all your doubts.

So, let’s connect to fire up the conversation – followed by app development, launch and support.