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Why Appreciation is Important for Winning Hearts and Improving Relations?

How often have you been told that you are good at something? Not enough! While there are enough people in the world waiting to tell you how wrong your step was, only a few will actually tell you how good you really were, even though you failed.

Appreciation, a very small word but, it holds a world of wisdom. Let me tell you a short story to give out the importance of this word. When I was a young boy, I had visited my granny’s place. An elderly woman had come over and she offered all of us some sweets. It seems she had made it after learning the recipe from her neighbor. We did not really like the sweet but, unlike others, I made sure that the point reached the elderly woman that the sweet was not really good. She felt bad but, she did not say anything and left for her home, after a while. My granny came over and said that even though nobody liked the sweet, there was a certain effort that had gone into making it and we should appreciate the sentiment. If you want to tell someone that the thing is not good, tell them what worked and what did not. This would encourage them to try to do it better but, if you say it was bad, they will be discouraged, and they would never make an effort to improve.

This incident changed the way I looked at things. However small the effort, I began appreciating the things around me. I realized the value of appreciation, and saw how it impacted the person positively. When I appreciated my mother for the small efforts she made into perfecting the life around me or, my wife for ensuring that everything stays up to date at our place, I see how it motivates them to be better, and makes them work towards improving the quality of life.

Appreciation is important, not just at your home, but also at the workplace and in every aspect of life. Let’s see how appreciation helps.

Boosts the morale of the person

A simple statement such as “good job” can get the person to smile and will make them work harder and meet goals faster. When your kids come to show you a painting, and you tell them “wow, it is really good! Why don’t you try to colour this part with blue?” they get encouraged and work harder at making a better painting than the one they showed you.

With appreciation, you can expect the person to go that extra mile to achieve greater goals, and stay motivated.

They feel valued

Everyone wants to feel valued and wanted. The words of appreciation help achieve this. When you appreciate someone, you are telling them their worth and how important they are in your work or personal life. It is important to keep showcasing such words in order to build good relations and boost the trust.

It makes trust easy

When you appreciate someone, you are actually allowing the person to trust you and your instincts. When you tell your child that they have done a good job, they trust you to be honest, and know that what they have done is really good, and they can do better than this. The open trust and faith in your words makes them work towards their goal.

It is important that you not only appreciate the people around you but also make sure that the words used for appreciation are concise and precise. Here are a few tips that will help you appreciate in a better way.

  • Start with appreciating what you do, and paying gratitude to the things you are able to do. For instance, if you have done a job on time, make sure you treat yourself to a good job. This will help you understand the underlying meaning of appreciation, and why it is under you feels demotivated.
  • Choose words that will positively impact the people around you. Simple and easy on the ears words will help you appreciate better. You can use several modes of communication, including small emails and handwritten letters to convey your appreciation.
  • Keep observing what the others are doing, and wait for the chance to appreciate them. let nothing go unnoticed. This is true if you are the leader of the organization, and the team under you feels demotivated.
  • Don’t appreciate for the sake of it. Make sure your comments are genuine and you truly feel what you are saying.
  • The words of appreciation cannot be delayed. Make sure it reaches the person as soon as they have achieved something.

Summing up

It is important that you value appreciation yourself, before you chance upon showering the words on another. The value of appreciation is best understood by those who know the value of acknowledging the efforts and the achievements.


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