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Why Clarity is Important for Personal Growth? – Keys to personal growth and learning

  • How to continue your personal growth?

  • What is personal growth and professional development?

These are the common questions which come into mind while we think about personal growth.

Two years or back, a friend of mine had launched a mobile app firm, and was quite satisfied with what he was offering. He seemed more cheerful than he was ever before. While out for a lunch, a friend of ours commented on this change in his attitude. According to him, our friend has finally realized What he wanted to do and has gained some clarity in his life.

This set me thinking and I came back home pondering over the statement. When I looked back at the time when this friend was employed with a job that made him unhappy, I remember how stressed he seemed even with a few hours’ extra work. Today, when he was putting in god knows how many extra hours, he simply did not mind them. in fact, he was happier and had more time for himself and the family.

I realized that from the time he had started out to now, he had grown as a person and also established himself professionally. I was wondering what that change was when this other friend pointed out the term clarity. Yes, he was now clear of what he wanted from life and people, which made him better as a person.

How does clarity help for Personal Growth? Few Keys to personal growth and learning

Often we are told how you should be clear of what to expect from the people around you, how to be clear about what you really want from people, and how being clear helps. I am going to take you through the whole benefits from being clear thought process.

» When you are clear of what you want to do, then you know how to plan it, and how to implement it effectively. Let’s break this statement down with an example. Let’s say you want to do your PhD. You are aware of your experience and expertise, and you know you want a doctorate in a certain subject. When this kind of clarity seeps in, the plans are made faster, you are more productive, and the results can be seen when you attain success.

» Clarity gives you motivation. Yes, when you are clear about the things you are expecting from life, your desire to work towards it increases and you are ready to take on the challenges that confront you on the way.

» Clarity helps you plan better. Even a small task is done methodically and you tend to write every bit of the task down, making a list of all that you wish to accomplish.

How to gain clarity in life?

There are steps and techniques in which you tend to gain clarity. Here we will take you through the few of the ways.

Identify your wants
What is it that you really want from life? Is it success or money or love? The minute you find an answer to this question, you will be able to give some purpose and direction to your life. However, answering this question alone does not guarantee you the clarity that you are seeking. This is just the first rule to being on the path to clarity.

Set your priorities straight

Confusion does not make way for clarity. Hence, before you set out on the journey to making a clear path for yourself, make sure you remove all obstacles of confusion. Set your priorities straight right at the beginning of this journey. If you are committing to one thing, make sure you fulfil that before moving ahead with the other commitments.

Avoid the distractions

Make sure you get rid of all possible distractions. You are surrounded by things that don’t contain the content that works in your favour. You need to make sure you don’t take in everything that is fed to you. There are a lot of things that you don’t need to think about or, even give importance to while on your journey towards attaining success. You simply need to filter out the unimportant and make sure you pay attention to what is truly important to you and your journey.

Keep observing and updating yourself
It is important that you keep updating yourself. For this, you need to know where you stand, and how far off from the ground you are. Make sure you keep observing what you do, and how you do things. If there is a better way to do these things, make sure you incorporate them. You can even take help from social media channels like Youtube and other channels that help channelize your inner strength to help achieve what you want.

Declutter your life

There is a lot of clutter in and around you. make sure you declutter your entire life, and keep your mind focused. It is essential that anything that can make your life unhappy or unhealthy be removed with immediate effect.

Summing up

Clarity cannot be achieved overnight. However, the more time you spend thinking of what you want and how best you can achieve given your current strengths and weaknesses. When you keep working on yourself, it is easier to attain the goals you have planned for your life.

If you want to gain more clarity in life and wish to move towards personal growth, but need help to attain it, you can consult me for the same. I am available on phone and emails. Just ping me and I will direct you towards a clearer path with my experience.

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