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5 Strong Reasons to Start Your Stronger Edtech Startup

COVID19 and its rooted consequences have jeopardized us in many forms. 

From business to education everything has gone back to 10 years. 

The businesses is managing with Work from Home but somehow education is still being compromised.

Living in a country like India, education is the most important factor. Whether or not a piece of paper, unfortunately, decides the future of our generations. During these time the future is being crumbled by the bad internet speed to unavailability of faculties.

From universities to schools, online learning has put a speed bump on student’s brains. Apart from a business perspective, the future of India can be in your hands. 

From Zoom to Google meeting all the apps are contributing in bits and pieces. 

So where do you come in the picture? 

To make this whole education formation one step ahead.

Let’s face it, last year we thought all of this will be gone by 2021, but turns out it’s just a beginning even after getting the vaccination, the second wave has hit us hardest. 

In times like this, when the business can take the biggest shift to online, so can the education system.

A school solemnly cannot solve every problem of class-4 having 120 students in an online class but a coaching class surely can be a helping hand.

With recent data, Edtech has witnessed a hike of 78%. The pandemic will be gone, living its impact behind. 

Now is your time to turn this impact into an impactful business. 

  1. World’s second-largest population 

Apart from being the 7th largest country in the world, we hold the power of being the second-largest population, and that is leverage to take right now. 

Till the year 2017 Internet was an issue, but due to the cheap rates by Reliance Jio. By this year, India exceeds more than 760 million users daily so now the issue is clearly out of the picture. 

Let the population take the lead. 

  1. Education-hub

From south to north. Even with the lowest literacy ratio, a state like Bihar produces more IPS and IAS officers. With a mind like Indians, education has never been an option. 

Anything related to education has never taken the shrink, either way, it will float. Due to the high cutoff in every field, an institution can never handle the burden solemnly.

With an application on Edtech, there are immense fields, subjects, and areas of expertise that can be covered that still haven’t been part of the market. 

We can find as many loopholes as possible, but when it comes to India’s education system, it has always set its benchmark higher than many other countries.

  1. E-home

Till last year online business has never made its way to a legitimate business list. For many investors and audiences, the business was not legit until the company has a floor.

2020 changed this perception for the better. From medium to multi-national, companies around the world shifted to online, and work from home became a legitimate business.

With less spending and equal outcome, the online business became a source of startup for many companies. 

For the following years, E-business will be the new home. It’s a one-time offer, step in before someone else places in your shoes of success.

  1. The Five Years Plan

In five years the market is going to be bigger and better. With nearly 1 billion daily internet users surfacing on the web, online platforms are going to hit a massive scale.

Understanding the chronology people like things that get them in the easiest & fastest way. Whether it’s shopping or education, as long the quality is not being compromised the crowd will follow the same direction like they used to do. 

Even Indian companies like Unacademy have a net worth of nearly 2 billion US dollars. If that’s still not an eye-opening number, then we don’t know what else we can do to help you.

  1. Flourishing startups in India

Since the year 2010, India has 4,530 active Edtech startups. More than 400+ were established in just a span of the last 2 years. 

In the year 2020 Edtech jumped straight to $2.22 billion from $553 million within a year. In the following chart, we’ve plugged a few companies to give you a clearer idea to make the right decision.

The conclusion

There are so many reasons to start this treasure right now, whether it’s lack of expertise in certain fields or financial factors because of which a lot of students are not being able to be part of the online education system.

A change can bring them closer to the untouchable element. An app on proper education and guidance to get through them their doubts and difficulties are what the youth is looking for right now.

We hope with our guide we can build bright futures together. Pandemic or no-pandemic education is the right of many unprivileged that can be fulfilled with your hands-of-help.

We have one fantastic video calling solution in the process that definitely makes life easier for the education board. Know about us and let us talk for your own ed-tech startups in India to be recognized.