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Why is mobile app development the next move for the business to succeed in 2020?

Have you ever given a thought about your dependency on mobile apps in your daily living? 

  • Want to remain fit => Fitness apps
  • Want to transfer money => Banking apps
  • Want to eat food => Food delivery apps
  • Want to find location => Google Maps

The list has no end! 

The increasing possession of people for mobile apps is an open opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this craze and mark their imprint through mobile apps. This dependency has seen a 3X growth with the social distancing orders imposed by the government in the COVID-19 era. 

Looking at the statistics, the businesses having a mobile app have managed to earn 40%-50% more during the lockdown than the ones that are still following the brick and mortar methods to operate their business. 

This is because the time spent on business apps has seen a 20% increase during the COVID-19 lockdown which is eventually increasing with people adopting a new habit of purchasing things online.

To understand the importance of mobile apps for business better, below are some advantages listed for you to know.

Benefits of mobile apps for business in 2020

  • Increase business exposure 

A business app can help your services reach a wider audience. The easy availability of the app can help you serve more customers that you would be unable to reach through conventional offline methods. 

  • Improved customer service 

Communication is a vital aspect that helps a business reach success. A mobile app could help you serve your customers better as they would have an interface through which they could solve their queries irrespective of their location by connecting with you easily. 

  • Branding benefits 

Having a business app means you would have a logo identifying it, your taglines that would represent your service, and the messages that would help your customers understand your business. These things play a huge role in creating a brand reputation. As every time a person will look at your logo, it will remind him of your brand and its service. 

  • More revenue generation 

As a mobile app helps you reach a wider audience, customer experience helps you retain those customers. Once a person has a great experience using your app, they are surely coming back and this would gradually reflect in your sales numbers and help you earn great revenue numbers. 

So now when you are clear why opting for mobile app development for a startup is important, we have curated some technical information that can help you ease your next step.

Latest mobile app development frameworks to adopt in 2020

1) Flutter

Flutter is the fastest-growing framework used for cross-platform development and is famous for its natively compiled web and mobile apps.

Dart, an object-oriented programming language, works behind Flutter. The framework uses single codes and UI patterns for iOS and Android, making the development process much easier. 

Flutter consists of a bundle of in-build widgets that helps it to develop two different themes for iOS and Android for the same app. Moreover, it also has the ability to effortlessly develop an old widget into new ones as per the need. 

Key features

  • Speedy development 
  • All-in-one development framework
  • Have native performance
  • Customizable UI 
  • The best platform to develop MVP’s

2) React Native

React Native is the most popular cross-platform development framework developed in javascript to create native mobile apps. It is an easy to work framework that builds high performing mobile apps. 

The framework is built using the most commonly used programming language that is Javascript which makes it easy for any developer to work on it and develop customized mobile apps.

The platform has, write once, use everywhere feature that allows it to write code on one platform and can reuse the same code for different platforms. React native solves one of the development issues of the mobile apps that comes at the time of rendering with its standard rendering APIs. It also has greatly responsive UI development tools to result in the best app designs. 

Key Features:

  • Popular programing language, Javascript 
  • Code reusability
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Cross-platform framework
  • Standard rendering API

3) Phonegap

Phone gap is an open-source mobile app development framework initially developed by Nitobi Software, later launched by Adobe is used to build cross-platform mobile applications using simple technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

The framework has its own set of inbuilt features and easy access to native APIs to use features like camera, contacts, accelerometer, and GPS. This helps it to build apps without facing hardware restrictions and gives experience of using native features. 

Phonegap has robust backend support which helps in the speedy development process and also has UI libraries that give improved visual experience to the app. The framework is compatible to create apps for iOS, Android, Blueberry, WebOS, and many more platforms. 

Key Features:

  • Robust backend support
  • Native hardware features
  • Platform compatibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible and easy to develop

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