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Self Evaluation & Professional Development tips: Why Self Evaluation Is Important in Professional/Personal Development?

How often have you been asked to take a self-evaluation by your mentors or managers? Most MNCs in the modern times have come up with the self-evaluation forms, one that is long and tedious, in order to understand what the employee feels about their own performance.

However, self-evaluation is not just limited to MNCs or professional lives. That’s what I am going to talk about in here. But, before I start with the reasons for self-evaluation and how it helps you, let me tell you something about the self-evaluation culture in today’s times.

I was out with a friend of mine, and over a few drinks, we discussed a lot about the modern professional culture. He was asked to self-evaluate his performance and what he believes he has achieved over the years of association with the company. He found it unnecessary. He felt it was a total waste of time, and whatever he fills in, the appraisal amount is not going to change.

This set me thinking. Is this what people in the organizations believe? Is this what people, in general, think about self-evaluation, one of the most important parameters involved in delivery? I realized it is time to change this attitude. This also made me realize that the people have adopted the culture of self-evaluation, without introducing it properly to the people around. They don’t even know why they should evaluate, and how it will help them grow and nurture their future.

Here, I will share with you few self-evaluation tips & professional development tips and techniques, and why you should include this as part of your daily life.

Self Evaluation professional development tips and techniques

» Reasons For Self Evaluation

Let me begin by introducing self-evaluation, and why it is needed in this time and age.

When you take an action, how many times have you sat thinking whether you could have done it differently? That’s one part of self-evaluation. After every action, when you sit to identify what went wrong, how you could have attempted to do it better, which skills did you lack when you performed the task, and what were your weaknesses, it is all a part of self-evaluation. It is all about finding out what the objectives of the task were, and how you went forth with accomplishing it.

You also explore possibilities and opportunities for the self, both personally and professionally, in order to get to a better position.

Let me give you an example. How many of you have been to multiple interviews before you landed your first job? The rejections cause dejection, don’t they? However, the first question that hits your mind after every rejection is what went wrong. Am I right? You tend to evaluate the situation and ponder over what could have possibly been wrong that you got rejected.

This is what you need to do with every task in life. Evaluate, observe and finally grow to become better.

» Reasons For Self Evaluation

  • Self-evaluation helps you improve your behavior and attitude towards various tasks. For instance, if you are in the middle of an argument, and both parties have started raising their voices, this will lead to a dead end. When you self-evaluate, you will reason that having kept your volume low or not fight out at that time would have helped.
  • Self-evaluation helps your progress towards your goal at the best possible pace. Let’s take a student’s life in this case. If scoring 100/100 in an internal test is the goal, then they will constantly need to evaluate their performance. They need to know which areas they need to work upon, and what they are good at, which will help them achieve the goal in time.
  • Self-evaluation helps to review your performance and make it better by the day. For instance, when athletes see the video footage of their performance, they tend to understand what they could have done better, and where they fell far from the tree. This would help them prepare for the next round.
  • Self-evaluation helps others know more about you, and what you are capable of. This helps them give you work that is in sync with your capabilities and strengths.

» How To Perform A Self Evaluation?

You now know what self-evaluation is, and how it is important in your life. So, let’s get started with how to fill out your self-evaluation.

  • List down everything that you believe you have accomplished in the past year. It is not necessary at this point that the list should have points that others consider an accomplishment. This is a list of all the things that you are proud of.The challenges that you faced for every step in the past year needs to be mentioned too. For instance, did you face communication issues? Was getting your point across a difficulty you faced? The challenges are an important part of your self-evaluation.
  • Start with the objective and the end purpose of the self-evaluation. Are you going to use it for your personal growth? Will it help you with your promotion? This will determine the in-depth analysis that you might have to venture and the need for visual data to support your argument.
  • Data is necessary if you are doing a professional evaluation. Similarly, in case of studies, you would need to support it by data. Let’s say you have a customer retention rate percentage to support your accomplishment,  then it would be helpful. Similarly, the marks that you have achieved in your tests would be the data supporting your mentioned accomplishments. This would help you determine your position better.
  • What were your contributions, and were they appreciable? This needs to be from a self-perspective, so remember there is no need to concentrate your efforts on pleasing anyone else.
  • Finally, start narrowing down your accomplishments, challenges and even the contributions to meet the purpose of the evaluation.

Once done, you would know where you stand, and how far you have come and where you need to head towards next. This self-evaluation will help you build your roadmap for the next year.

Summing Up

Not many people believe in evaluating themselves. However, I consider it is the most important aspect of growth and learning. If you don’t know where you stand, how can you map your future?

If you want to have a healthy discussion on self-evaluation, then schedule a meeting with me.


I offer consultation services and help organizations with creating their self-evaluation methodology as well as training the employees to fill out the self-evaluation.


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