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How Wishlist feature can boost your app engagement rate higher up to 30%

Have you ever walked through the freshly arrived collection in a shop, grabbed the price tag, and a glance at it made you think, “Oh no! I am running out of this month’s budget. I might buy it next month.” 

But sadly, you don’t ever get to see your dream dress again. Sold Out!

I guess we all have gone through that phase at least once.

And probably, this is one of the main reasons for online shopping wishlists being flooded by customers, as it solves the conventional “sold out” problem by allowing the customers to save something or keep track of it, without buying it for the time being. 

And with wishlists, it is easier for online shopping sites to remind the customers about their saved items. So, the profit is bound to happen, if not today, later on at a better time maybe.

A win-win situation provided by the wishlist feature, for both the customer and the business, makes it one of the vital features of every online shopping site.

So while developing an online shopping app/website and embedding it with prime features, we always make sure to develop the best wishlist section, as dreamier as it could be, and help the app rank at the top.

The prime features of an online shopping website include:

  • Product-wise, gender-wise, material-wise, and other category-wise divisions of sections, making it convenient for the customers to surf through the website and products.
  • All types of online transaction methods.
  • Point of contact with the online shop.
  • Exciting UI/UX

It’s possible that you might be wondering about wishlist being a crucial feature.

But if you are a customer or future owner of one of the best online shopping websites, you must know that how exactly is a wishlist beneficial to your business.

How is the wishlist feature beneficial for online shopping sites?

A Wishlist feature can boost your app engagement rate higher up to 30% because…

  • Once a customer, always a potential future customer. And every service/product provider wants to check in with their customers from time to time. Wishlists make it easy as the customer can save their desired product for future purchase or reference. 

It will remind the customers that they have always wanted to buy that pretty red dress. Hence, making a profit for the online shop. 

It acts as an indirect yet important point of contact between the customer and the business owner.

So we, being a team of dynamic app developers, always try our best to make this point of contact as thorough as it could be

  • Whenever a customer will opt for saving something to their wishlist, registration or signing up on that online shopping site would be required. It can be used by the online shopping sites or shops to send in promotional emails later on, which can be an efficient way to market their new arrivals or just to remind the customers of the app. 

So, you can increase the number of sales on your online shopping site by 30% and keep up with the marketing alongside, killing two birds with one stone.

  • Customers can easily save the sold-out items for future availability. This way, both the customer and the online shops would be in a win-win situation.
  • Whenever a customer saves some items in their wishlist, the online site can send them updates on any available sale on the same item or related items. A perfect strategy for calling out hesitant but potential customers.
  • The customers can always use their wishlists to refer their taste to other people around them, which can bring in new customers.

After reading every point thoroughly, it’s important for you as an owner (if you are), to decide the best features for your online business, and to make that happen, we are always a click away!