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Why you should invest in our startup ready program for your startup growth?

Everyone looks up to the people who have been there and done that. When a person starts a new venture, he/she needs someone to guide them on the path to success, right? That’s a fact, all of us need a mentor in our lives for professional and moral support. We look for someone to take responsibility and stand like a rock behind us.

I have seen arguments overflowing about why entrepreneurs do not need mentors. But in the same era, successful tech titans have founders like Mark Zuckerberg who was mentored by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs believed in guidance by Mike Markkula who was an early investor and executive at Apple.

Value of Business mentors

Getting the right mentor is bliss and everyone is not lucky enough for that. Most young founders try to depend on their own gut feelings and instincts and somehow end up empty-handed and with broken morale. One of my juniors, Ron, who started entrepreneurship had to face such hardships that I consider were due to not having a mentor.

When I started as a raw entrepreneur, I was fortunate to get mentored by several seasoned and extremely talented businessmen and technical experts at each stage of my ventures. My journey from zero to what I am today would not have been possible without their support and guidance.

So as per my experience, I would suggest each person jumping into a business venture should get a creative business consultation or opt for the customized startup growth program designed by GED which can help you to avoid failures and loss of confidence like my friend, Ron.


geteverythingdelivered startup ready program


Why did we introduce the Startup Ready Program at GED?

It was not just Ron, but also many other people around me in the industry who faced the same fate. These things made me realize the importance of a business mentor and how blessed I was to find them in the time of need.

After two decades of experience in growth hacking, I believe I can share my knowledge and struggle with new entrepreneurs who looking for business opportunities or currently have startups. We came up with a startup growth hacking idea for such entrepreneurs at GED to allow them to grow into a bigger space quickly.

By sharing my experiences, I can encourage and help them to succeed. So, at GED we came with an idea to support the startups and guide their growth.

Humans are not built and inclined to stay in the growth mode. Being a startup entrepreneur, you get tired and struck emotionally and physically. You set your goals which you are unable to complete. Then comes a series of lame excuses to convince yourself that it’s fine to do nothing. Unfortunately, all these bad habits are the causes of your business failure.

The Startup Ready Program was introduced with an aim to make you experience an intentional deep-change and whole-life transformation mentoring that seeks to have you get into triumphant entrepreneurship.

Now, you might have a question ‘What is the advantage of the Startup Ready Program?’

As a business person, you are on a quest for new ideas that can disrupt the conventional lifestyle and make you money. The Startup Ready Program is uniquely designed to strategize and build plans for your business and move it from the present to a great future.

Through this program, I have put in my passion for developing young business professionals. In my role as a CTO and a mentor, I have handled the responsibility for delivering world-class leadership design through mentoring to many diverse businesses. So, I have utilized all my experience and strategic brain to build this customizable Startup Ready Program to assist each startup to ascend the path of success.

What can you expect when you opt for the Startup Ready Program? Or What startups growth hacking strategies and tips you in Startup Ready program?

The program’s strategy totally depends on your personal problems or concerns. You will get an ideal solution for your issues through this customizable Startup Ready Program. But let me mention a few crucial things related to your startup kickstart which we have covered in this program.

» The best guidance for your ideas:

The most important concern of getting direction for the execution of your remarkable ideas is covered in this program. This section of the program can help you to save a lot of time and money as you cannot afford to waste any of it when your startup is in its budding stage.

» Business strategy:

There are risks and challenges involved in every venture. You need to have realistic and achievable goals and a plan to get things into action. Having a thorough and reliable business strategy can help you to overcome all these hurdles. You can get a real insight into the accomplishment of your tasks and have better deliveries.

» Get all your problems solved:

Problem-solving is a rare trait found among individuals. People panic when they face any issues instead of thinking about solutions to defeat those unpleasant circumstances. The Startup Ready Program is designed with a problem-solving and solution-oriented approach to simplify each phase of your business.

» Train your teams and Leaders:

To get the expected result, you need to have an influential leadership that is able to manage the employees. You also need your teams to work together in harmony and cooperate with each other. Through the Startup Ready Program, you can enjoy sessions for your teams and leaders and create a healthy environment at your company.

» Get appropriate advice:

Mentoring is the careful balance of guiding someone and not creating them in your own image. Instead, providing them an opportunity to create themselves. That is why such mentors are not easy to be found.

In this personalized Startup Ready Program, your guide observes you from a distance and makes a point to focus on character and values, which nurture your personal and professional growth along with the leadership skills.

All in all, the program is a bunch of great strategies to validate and nourish your business idea and to push your startup forward to grow into a successful organization.

If you are desperately looking for something or someone to help you out with your startup growth, this Startup Ready program could be the best solution for you to opt for.

Comment your inquiries related to your startup business growth or Startup Ready Program and we can discuss them over a cup of coffee.

Schedule an appointment for my consultancy today, and get my startup ready program to build your startup in a better way.

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