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Shopping Cart Weights 90% of an eCommerce Website – Best Custom Shopping Cart Development Practices

Best eCommerce website UI – checked. 

Military-grade security – checked. 

Excellent site performance – checked. 

Attractive product showcase – checked. 

You assume you are ready to launch your eCommerce store. You launch, and you fail! 

Because the essential part of any eCommerce website is still missing, yes, we are talking about the shopping cart. 

According to Statista, the shopping cart abandonment rate is as high as 96.88% in the automotive industry, 90.68% in the fashion industry, 87.55% in the hotel industry. 

Poorly designed and developed shopping cart that lengthens the checkout process is one reason for the skyrocketing cart abandonment rate. 

While some entrepreneurs still rely on the best WordPress shopping cart plugins, many prefer to develop a custom one and derive more long-term financial and operational benefits. 

Though it is an ongoing debate, you need to make a call based on real information. 

Custom Shopping Cart Development vs. Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

Custom Shopping Cart Shopping Cart Plugin 
Security: There is no security vulnerability as it is developed uniquely for you from scratch, and developers always emphasize security. It is notorious for security issues. Recently, thousands of WordPress sites experienced the famous Japanese Hack. Inadequate security of WordPress plugins was the primary cause.  
Cost:It costs a few thousand dollars as developers invest dedicated hours for your project. It costs really low as it is already developed and plug-and-play solution. However, the long-term cost is high. Many plugins charge you around 2% per transaction.
Customization: You can easily customize it according to your business needs and market scenarios. Usually, in the case of plugins, there is no scope for customization. If they ever support customization, it would be very basic. 
Payment Gateways:You can easily integrate your preferred payment gateways. It only supports a few payment gateways. 
Workflow:You can make it work according to your business workflow with the capability to carry out tasks automatically.  It can work according to standard business workflow. But if you have a custom or unique one, it won’t work seamlessly. 

With this data, you can surely make the right call to reward you with the ultimate financial and operational benefits from the day you launch your eCommerce store. 

Shopping Cart Goals 

Having defined goals you want to achieve with your shopping cart enables developers to develop a shopping cart to help you achieve your goals the easiest way. 

The ideal goals with a shopping cart should be, 

  • Management Goal 

Automatic Inventory Management 

With every new purchase or any related action, the inventory should be updated automatically. 

Smart Promo Code Management 

Promo code should be expired or updated according to its usage. 

Advanced Analytics 

Every movement of the user on the checkout page should be recorded to study their buying pattern and plan a data-driven strategy in the future. 

Abandoned Checkout Recovery Solution 

There should be a mechanism that automatically reminds users about the stored items that haven’t been purchased yet.  

  • Usability Goal 

Guest Checkout 

A user should be able to checkout without creating an account. 

Single Page Checkout 

A user should be able to confirm his purchase, add or select the shipping address and pay for the order from a single window. 

Gift Coupon/Promo Code 

A user should be able to easily browse through every gift coupon and promo code with a clear description of applied conditions. 

Share with Friends 

A user should be able to share an entire cart with his friends. 

Address Book 

A user should be able to store multiple addresses under one account. 

Multiple Payment Options 

A user should have multiple payment options such as debit/credit cards, cash on delivery, and eWallets.

  • Security Goal 

Advanced Password Protection 

Every crucial data of users should be protected with a multilayer security mechanism. 

Reliable Payment Gateway 

Only a reliable payment gateway should be used, and the integration with the payment gateway should be error-free. 

Login Authentication 

Every abandoned cart should be handled with extra security precautions with the need for a fresh login. 

Shopping Cart Development Best Practices (with examples) 

The following are examples of some of the most trusted eCommerce stores. They must have planned their shopping cart by putting in many hundreds of hours of effort.

  1. Nike 

Key Learning: Allow users to check out quickly with the most widely used payment method in the region. Here, Nike is letting users check out quickly using PayPal with its dedicated button. 

  1. Apple 

Key learning: The checkout page should not contain any unnecessary or promotional information. It should also be very clean and minimalistic. Here, Apple’s checkout page only contains the basic product information and cost details. 

  1. Burberry 

Key Learning: Before making a purchase, almost all buyers have many doubts. Thus, there should be an option for buyers to ask their doubts and get it answered within seconds. 

  1. Gucci 

Key Learning: The UI of the shopping cart should reflect the overall design philosophy of the website. 

Building 1 Shopping Cart with the Quality of 10 International Players’ Cart = GED Shopping Cart Development Service

Make your shopping cart 10x better than any others’.

None of the top eCommerce stores has the perfect shopping cart. But their carts do have at least one good quality. 

All we need to do now is add such qualities of multiple eCommerce stores’ shopping carts to your shopping cart. 

With our expertise, we customize it and make it the custom version, which is unique in look and action. 

We also don’t play blind-eyed. We consider your business segment, market, and budget to provide you with the best shopping cart. 

So far, in 2020, we’ve discussed over 150 shopping cart ideas and implemented more than 80 of them. 

The ideas were magical, and the results were supernatural!